Who is VeilSide?

VeilSide Co., Ltd. is a Japanese aftermarket automotive company that was founded in September of 1990. Thirty years later, its products are regarded as some of the finest in the industry. The name ‘VeilSide’ comes from the brand’s founder and representative Hirohisa Yokomaku’s surname, where “maku” means veil and “yoko” means side.

VeilSide manufactures and sells quality suspension components, engine tuning products, and aerodynamic body parts. The VeilSide showroom sits near the Tsukuba Circuit on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. Since its inception, VeilSide has made history and set many records, impressing the tuning market all around the world. Today, the company’s consistent dedication to precision and detail still prevails above all industry standards. No matter what VeilSide is building, be it aesthetic parts or performance enhancements, you can rest assured that you are getting the finest products on the market. VeilSide works hard to guarantee its products exude the uncompromising research, high-quality materials, and endless passion that went into them.

VeilSide’s Supra Success

As Yokomaku bravely and boldly experimented with new ideas influenced by old favorites like the Batmobile, the creation of the striking Combat model came to be. VeilSide’s Supra Combat debuted at the 1994 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS), where it was the object of much discussion and consideration for the custom car contest. In the end, the judges honored the vehicle with the Grand Prize in the Complete Car Category. After the Supra Combat was exhibited at the TAS, VeilSide received countless letters from showgoers who said they had been truly inspired by and in awe of the car. 

The Supra Combat was so successful, in fact, that people began purchasing Supras just so they could transform them into the Combat version. Consequently, the number of models in the Combat series started to grow exponentially. In July 1995, VeilSide received a Ministry of Transportation authorization for all the Combat's aerodynamic components so that the vehicle could then pass official inspection. Such occurrence was a first in the aftermarket automotive performance industry. It was at this time that the customization market shifted as a whole toward the legal turning point that Yokomaku had hoped and worked for. 

Purchase VeilSide Parts at Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing carries a full lineup of VeilSide products that includes everything from interior accessories and aero parts to exterior upgrades and full body kits. Our inventory includes canards, diffusers, badges and emblems, spoilers side skirts, widebody kits, reclinable seats, bucket seats, mirrors, exhaust tips, and much more! To learn more about VeilSide and its products, please contact Vivid Racing’s specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.