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With the exclusive range of its wheels, Hamann emphasizes their high demand for maximum functionality, best technology and unique aesthetics. 

Because none other than premium wheels can bring the power of a vehicle to the street safely and a wild yet very controllable nature via a few square inches of contact with the road. Hence, the high-performance tuner always, always pays grave attention to wheels.

Forged wheels and wheels produced using state-of-the-art lightweight technology offer the perfect synergy of low weight and absolute durability – like those used in racing cars. Only this combination guarantees an improved response behavior of the suspension at highest stability. 

Hamann has three expressive ranges of wheels for premium brands: 

    Edition Race

    Anniversary Evo

    Unique Forged

Every range endows a vehicle the special character and emphasizes Hamann’s high demand for exclusivity.

Hamann is one of the biggest names among the refiners of exclusive cars. Equipped with an intelligent staff, convincing technology, and captivating aesthetics, they trigger admiration wherever they appear: on race tracks, streets, or car parks a la Concours d’Elegance. Just about everywhere you think nice cars will pop up.

The company is founded successful racing driver Richard Hamann. He had the passion and talent necessary for a big career in sports. This passion and his sense of the extraordinary were his motivation and inspiration to found the company Hamann in 1986. 

Since then, Hamann has become a brand that enjoys a first-class reputation and ranks among the most prestigious providers when it comes to high performance in tuning.

Onward to the Future

Today, Marion Hamann manages the company, implementing the ideas of her husband. She will lead Hamann to the future. 

Hamann will continue to put our know-how into the product development and car aesthetics. Thus, we create values that do not obey uniformity, but are characterized by individuality.

Hamann has worked out a concept that will make their brand even stronger. With new ideas and convincing products, Hamann is sure to be a top refiner in the future. Always with the highest standards of quality, design and lifestyle. And always striving for fulfilling enthusiasts’ special desires.

And you thought only wine needs a refinery.