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Niche Wheels - Niche 1 and 3 Piece Performance Wheels

Who are Niche Wheels?

There’s a niche in every industry. Aftermarket wheels are a niche in the automotive industry. There is also a niche in the aftermarket wheels’ industry called, well, Niche Wheels.

Niche wheels represent the pinnacle of the wheel business today. From 17" to 26", there's sure to be a Niche wheel to fit your vehicle. Niche products are renowned in the world of automotive wheels for their ultimate quality and unique designs. The company develops new techniques to produce the finest aftermarket wheels available in the industry.

Niche as a brand has evolved continuously over the years and has changed again and again. Constantly, the manufacturer is pursuing the latest innovations and techniques to build the hottest wheels available in the aftermarket industry. Niche has truly tasted every aspect of the wheel industry from Big Bling to small Tuner. Not until the recent past Niche in the wheel game has actually found its own true niche. Today the company offers new and innovative styles and finishes with an ever-expanding range of models to choose from, each designed to enhance the performance vehicles of today.

Cast Wheels

If you're looking for one-piece cast wheels designed with a concave or convex face profile, what you need are the Touring Series wheels. Matte black or two-tone finishes with a stainless lip give a 3-piece construction look to these rims. They also feature aggressive staggered fitments for modern European and domestic cars and extensive big brake upgrades. Using the finest materials and techniques, every wheel is custom tailored to meet your desired fitment from start to finish. In any profile, every wheel is engineered, constructed and finished at an in-house manufacturing plant in Niche, ranging from 18 "to 26" diameters.

Niche wheels are cast from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is the most trusted material in the wheel industry, into a single piece. Using state-of-the-art low-pressure die-casting provides a finished wheel that requires a minimum of machining to achieve its final net shape, ensuring the wheel is straight and true and requires little, if any, balance. Thus, each and every Niche wheel is devoid of porosity or surface flaws and can boast an incredibly tough construction that stands up to the rigors of the trickiest roads. Niche’s cast wheel line is aggressively sophisticated.

Forged Wheels

Monotec Series wheels are made from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum to ensure maximum strength and light weight. They 're built to push your vehicle to its limits. Track series wheels are two-piece rims in either welded or traditional bolted design. The Track series wheels are designed for maximum strength and performance, with construction varying from forged centers and outer to cast centers and outers. Whatever choices you make, it'll be the right choice, because every Niche wheel is a quality product designed to suit your tastes.

Niche Forged Monoblock wheels are the ultimate in custom wheel design and manufacturing. We begin with our 100% California-sourced aerospace-grade 6061 T6 aluminum alloy one-piece monoblock forgings and expertly machine our unique styles into them. No compromises. Never settle.

Vivid Racing carries Niche wheels’ beautiful cast, forged, and truck wheels to make you stand out from the crowd. Buy online or give one of our world-class professionals a call at 1-480-966-3040.