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Window Film

High-Quality Window Films

Would you want to invest in a window film? You do not realize or have considered various technical and visual advantages of tinting your car windows. Blocking of UV and heat, reducing illumination, the security of the inside, ventilation, upgrading appearances, and then some. We sell a wide variety of window films well beyond this in our virtual store. The tints are produced using leading production processes. They are made by popular brands with the utmost precision and an eye for detail, with simple and secure bubble-free accessories and rub-resistant coating, optical transparency, deep color retaining technology, and much more.

The quality cabin is the primary feature of a window tint. The dye hides the inside of your precious commodity from the sunlight, leaving the interior long-lasting. It would be best if you rested easy to prevent color, scratch, warp, or excessive wear from your upholstery, whether made of leather, vinyl, or cloth. The window tint will also have a major effect on your vehicle's environment. It saves the cabin from excessive heat, thus reducing air conditioning in the summer months to increase fuel quality. This helps you and your passengers to achieve the optimum temperature.

What are the benefits of Window Films?

The windows in your residence, workplace, automobile, bus, SUV, RV, boat, or utility vehicle are tinted variously. The major reasons people opt to tint their windows are aesthetics, convenience, defense against UV, security, security, and energy-saving. The Vivid Racing window tinting experts will recommend the best window film.

Window Film Adds A Bit Of Aesthetics

Adding window tint to your home, car, or business building offers you a tidy, "completed" appearance as sunlight fades away. Decorative window films will also offer homes and industries a portion of the amount of etched glass.

UV Protection With Window Films

Window film covers your house, company, or vehicle 99% of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This aims to alleviate skin and eye injury while reducing the light. By blocking UV rays, furniture, upholsteries, paintings, and tapestries are also protected from decolorization and other negative factors.


In the case of a window smash, window films can help keep glass intact, whether due to an injury or an occurrence. When put on a car, it becomes harder to see valuable items or drive the vehicle on window tint.

Window Film Also Offers Comfort

Window film provides a more convenient setting, whether on a car, home, or commercial premises. Window tinting will cool a vehicle in summer to 60%, which decreases the heat of the car when you reach it. Window films make rooms colder in the summer and warmer in the winter no matter where the sun shines, whether in industrial or suburban settings. Window film also cuts down on eye pressure by reducing sunshine glare.

Window tints often decrease the windows' light and avoid sore eyes for a comfortable drive, regardless of the sun. The sun won't hinder your vision anymore and draw your eyes from the road. The window dye also helps protect your skin from sunburns and other destruction as it makes it harder to move through the windows via harmful UV rays. The window dye will give a distinctive fashion touch to your car. So, why don't you use the money to improve your beauty only by two-in-one? You can select between a bright color and the darkest color and a simple tint to change how your car looks.

Windows tints provide passer protection in your cabin. You should park and shop if the windows are tinted, making sure that criminals won't be able to see anything in your car and that they are less likely to break into your vehicle. Window tints also help strengthen window glass and structure so that when something strikes, the glass does not shake. You and your friends inside your car are better shielded from glass slivers in the event of a car crash. To summarise, the importance and function of a window tint can't be overlooked ??? it offers outstanding sun security, avoids heat accumulation, amplifies the appearance of your vehicle, lengthens the life span of upholstery ??? that's a host of important functions in just one kit. You can get it at a reasonable price, with just a few taps. Feel free to search our store.

Find High-Quality Window Films Only at Vivid Racing

From fitment help from our in-house experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your Window Films every step of the way. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in a set of Window Films and accessories. In return, we'll deliver service and product that is second to none.

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