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High-Performance Replacement Driveline Accessories

The driveline shields both the modules that seize power from the transmission and transfer it to the 4 wheels of the vehicle that drive the car or truck. This involves transfer cases, differentials, driveshafts, wheel hubs, axles, CV-joints, and U-joints. Driveline accessories are generally robust enough to survive if the car is not damaged. Still, you might need to test out our range of driveline replacement accessories if you hear rattling noises, scratching, and sense a disturbance.

Driveshafts deliver power from the transmission to an axle unit. Typically, they comprise flanges together with hollow steel tubes welded to install U-joints at either end. To enable the driveshaft to coordinate as the axle goes up and down with the suspension, the U-joints have bearings and connect to yokes on the transmission and axle. Grinding gears or screeching sound can signify a weakened joint, so to prevent total disaster, install one of our performance driveline accessories.

Also known as "half-shafts," the wheel drive axles are shafts that transmit power from the transaxle to the wheels, and connectors that can manage more extensive adjustments are required, called CV-joints since they have to cope with steering as well as suspension motion. There are many types of CV-joints, but all are stored in grease-packed flexible boots. It is this boot that struggles often. The lubricant is lost until the boot splits, and the CV-joint typically fails soon afterward. From new boots to joint and boot sets to full axle kits, we will supply you with your range of replacement driveline accessories.

The differential absorbs the energy from the driveshaft and moves it through the axle shafts to the wheels. A pinion gear, which carries a ring gear mounted to the differential case, is linked to the driveshaft. The case includes side gears and pinion gears split into axle shafts that, when rounding a corner, cause the wheels to rotate at varying paces. Differentials are usually reliable parts, but noise and clearance concerns can be caused by the bearings on which the pinion and differential case rotate. All your restoration requirements, including restoration kits, case adapters, and ring and pinion sets, can be provided.

Like many materials and components used in the transmission field, the word bushing can be identified by different names. Sliding bearings, plain bearings, sliding bearings, friction bearings, or solid bearings are all concepts used to define what many of us respond to as bushings.

Bushings, including bearings, have always been around earlier than vehicles and are used in different industries. The bushings are small, lightweight, have high load capacity, and are the cheapest type of bearing in use today. A bushing can serve as a bearing if placed into a frame or a bore to include a rotating shaft surface.

A linear bushing is usually pressed into a bore and offers protection for a shaft that passes forward (in / out). If the bushing is not pressed to match, the dowel or snap ring will keep it in place.

Wheel hubs are the interface between the drive axle and the wheel. The hub is splined to the axle shaft and has a flange with studs to which the wheel is attached. The hub bearings are the common wear parts. When worn, you may hear a growling or humming noise that may go away when you turn the steering wheel back and forth while driving. Older hub bearings had to be removed and installed with a press and fixtures, but most new vehicles have unitized hubs replaced as an assembly. Regardless of the car or type of hub, we have the replacement parts to make your vehicle quiet and safe again.

A fluid coupling system that transports engine power to the automatic transmission is a torque converter. It performs the same function as the clutch in a manual transmission car, in that it helps the motor begin to work when the vehicle is forced to a stop when in gear; other than that, the torque converter performs so without the driver taking any effort. What renders the transmission automatic is the torque converter and the transmission components that cause it to move by itself.

The torque converter's role is similar to 2 face-to-face electric fans, with only one switched on. Airflow from the operated fan will, with no mechanical linkage, transform the turbines of the other fan. The torque converter's impeller is connected to the engine's crankshaft, which offers strength like the driven fan, except that transmission fluid rather than air is the carrier within the torque converter.

We have the appropriate driveline accessories required to preserve proper automatic transmission service, no matter what you're operating on or what type of torque converter issues you're having. We sell torque converters built according to OE requirements, so you can rely on the transmission output your car was created to provide when repairs are done. In connection to driveline accessories, mounting bolts, bushings, torque converter repair sleeves, and torque converter bolts are also available.

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