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You’ve got the power!

But you haven’t the proper tools to translate your engine’s big horsepower to the pavement. What you need to do is upgrade your transmission.

Your transmission is your engine’s partner in crime. Without a performance transmission, your expensive engine is just a noisemaker sitting in the garage. Vivid Racing carries transmissions and transmission parts that fit almost any need. If you already have a transmission that works ok, replacing the gear set, flywheel and clutch when you have upped the power of your engine will transform your car from a factory slug to a high performance, road scorching machine.

Since you now have a beefier clutch, the next bits you’ll need are axles, a driveshaft, and a differential to drive your wheels hard and launch you of the line at a blistering pace. And for better off the line acceleration, don’t forget to upgrade to lightweight wheels and stickier rubber, simply because your set of wheels (car) cannot move without a set of wheels (wheels). 

The Good Shift

For a livelier shift action, a short shifter kit will make more precise and weighty shifts compared to the rubbery feel of stock shifters. Do you know what else goes well with a short shifter? A cool shift knob.

If you want to veer off from your OEM shift knob, you are in for a treat. Aftermarket shift knobs from leading brands like MOMO, Oettinger, MP Designs, and AC Schnitzer are engineered to have the precision and weight lacking from your stock shifters.

An even better part is that they come in different shapes, styles, and colors to suit your car’s interior or your eccentric taste, or both.

Performance shifters also offer better grip for sportier driving. A grippier, sportier, and more precise shift knob can help you perfect your heel-toe downshifts. Not to mention aftermarket shift knobs look better than stock ones, except maybe the metal ball shift knob made by Ferrari back when they still produced stick shift cars.

We Have All Your Transmission Needs

Vivid Racing carries transmissions and transmission parts from all the top manufacturers in the racing/performance industry. Light flywheels, gear sets, driveshafts, short shifters, clutches and more can all be found here.

Buying from Vivid Racing is the best choice you can make. We back every part we sell with our guarantee of satisfaction. Vivid Racing carries high-performance transmission parts from all the top manufacturers in the automotive industry.