Active Autowerke Bench DME Unlock Toyota Supra MKV A90 B58 2020-2024

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Active Autowerke Bench DME Unlock Toyota Supra MKV A90 B58 2020-2024

This product is for Racing Competition only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles.

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In 2019, Active took on the challenge posed by the BMW enthusiast community who insisted that it was physically impossible to develop and equal length midpipe for the F8X M platform (all equal length products were full exhaust systems which used the space after the differential to equalize the length) and after a lot of research, development and testing, Active developed the Active Autowerke Signature Equal Length midpipe which was recognized as innovative when Active was granted patents both in the US and in the EU/UK regions. This patent also extends to midpipes on the G8X M platform. Of course, Active has to spend resources defending their patents from all the copycats who primarily source products from China where there are companies willing to look the other way on copyrights and other legal protections. Active thanks its customers for their support so that it can continue to develop and innovate for everyone's favorite car brand BMW.


  • Toyota Supra MKV A90 B58 2020-2024

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Toyota Supra

Many rave reviews and magazine articles have been written about Active Autowerkes, and these kits and their many successors since have become well known for their durability, clever bolt-on engineering, affordable pricing – and their ability to breathe fire into the everyday BMW and its owner. No longer a brand known just around Florida, today's Active Autowerke is known worldwide for its line of flawlessly engineered and manufactured performance parts for the entire Beemer.

As new models and challenges continue to be born, Active Autowerke continues to invent – and deliver – world class, new ideas and innovations that make them run better.

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