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Alta Performance Positive Steering Response System Mini Cooper All Models 02-12

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Alta Performance

Model #AMP-SUS-112

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The ALTA PSRS replaces the front control arm rear rubber bushing with a solid type spherical bearing. Improving the handling characteristics of your MINI cooper and enhancing your performance driving. The PSRS replaces the front control arms rear rubber bushings with solid spherical bearings.

The solid design of the PSRS will not allow any wheel deflection under heavy braking or acceleration, in turn your MINIs suspension geometry will not change making your handling more consistent and predictable. Under acceleration your MINI will have more front end traction and be more predictable in corners. Wheel hop will disappear and your MINI will feel more stable. Under braking steering feedback issues and wandering are eliminated. The OEM MINI bushings are made of soft rubber to reduce NVH, and make the ride more comfortable, in turn this creates a large amount of wheel movement under braking, accelerating and cornering. This unwanted movement causes suspension mis-alignment, changing the handling characteristics of your MINI under extreme conditions. The solid design of the PSRS eliminates suspension misalignment making your minis handling consistent and predictable during extreme driving.

The center pivot of the PSRS is offset allowing the installer to add between 0 to 1.5 degrees of caster to the front suspension. Adding caster will give your MINI better directional stability when traveling in a straight line such as a highway or interstate, reducing its tendency to wander. MINIs with wider aftermarket wheels will find they will not be as effected by uneven or rutted pavement. Excessive caster angle can make the steering feel heavier and less responsive but in a MINI, adding this small amount of caster will have little to no effect on the amount of effort it takes to turn your steering wheel.
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