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ATS Metal Twin Pull Clutch Kit and Flywheel Subaru STI GDB 6MT 01-07

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ATS Clutch

Model #RPS23H220L-13S

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ATS was established in October, 1995 by people who had extensive knowledge and experience in domestic formula car racing from the era of FL500. The primary mission of the ATS was to provide an ideal LSD (Limited Slip Differential) to the racing industry based on the enormous research and development.

Are you sick of heavy pedal effort or harsh engagemnet of performance pull type clutches? With the world wide patent pending "Double Action Release mechanism", ATS has shattered the conventional pull type clutch concept.


  • Double Action Release Mechanism
  • Incredibly Easy Operation for Both Street and Track
  • 11kg-12kg Effort Range, typically lighter than most OEM Clutches
  • Wider Engagement Point (Slipping Point) For Easier Launch
  • Crisp Engagement
  • 570HP | 60kg.m Capacity
  • 1,300kg Clamping Force
  • Worldwide Patent Pending
  • Subaru STI GDB 6MT 01-07
  • Please Allow For Delivery Times Ranging from 6-8 Weeks
  • For Subaru GDB models, the Subaru Flywheel Bolt 800.210.660 x8 are Required

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


Vehicle Engine Notes
Subaru STI

Subaru WRX

Who Is ATS Clutch?

ATS (Active Traction Service) was established in October 1995 by enthusiasts who had extensive knowledge and experience in domestic formula car racing in Japan from the era of the FL500. The primary mission of ATS was to provide an ideal LSD (limited-slip differential) to the racing industry based on enormous research and development. 

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, ATS has garnered a solid reputation for being an LSD specialized manufacturer. From the very beginning, ATS has been supplying limited-slip differentials to hundreds of top-class Japanese professional and amateur racecar drivers. This allowed ATS to obtain useful and accurate performance data from actual battles in the world of motorsports. The categories ranged from endurance races, sprint races, and autocross, to rally and drag racing. The extensive data gained from such racing activity was and continues to be used by ATS for further its research and development into the improvement of existing products and to invent new ones.

What Does ATS Clutch Offer?

ATS offers a comprehensive lineup of racing clutches and brake systems for various makes, models, and applications. In 1999, in cooperation with ACROSS Corporation ATS began marketing carbon clutches and carbon LSDs. ACROSS is a leading carbon manufacturer with the most advanced CC composite technology in the world. The super lightweight and heat-resistant characteristics of CC composite deliver exceptional strength, response, and durability to the driver. ATS has recently added pistons and cool-down series to its inventory as well. Its noiseless operation is very smooth and easy on the transmission. From the street to the racetrack, under any driving condition, ATS carbon clutches enhance your driving performance and overall experience. It’s no wonder why ATS products are a favorite and top choice for many streetcar tuners and shops as well as professional racers.

The carbon limited-slip differential series and carbon clutch series, which were delivered in early 2001, were immediately and thoroughly verified by famous tuners. With this, ATS Clutch was able to obtain incredible support in terms of performance, operability, and durability. The only cost, and seemingly the only bottleneck, was resolved by technological innovation and the establishment of a mass-production system. The performance and remarkable durability of the carbon LSD and clutch were overwhelmingly higher than its metal counterparts. Carbon LSDs and clutches are now continuing to attract attention as standard tuning gears.

Upgrade to ATS Clutch at Vivid Racing

ATS is at the cutting edge of the industry, committed to staying one step ahead in technology and delivering high-quality products that are second to none. If you are in the market to upgrade your vehicle’s clutch, then look no further than ATS. Vivid Racing carries a wide range of ATS Clutch products for several different makes and models. Our inventory of ATS Clutch products includes limited-slip differentials, gear sets, and twin- and triple-plate clutch kits with flywheels. If you have any questions regarding ATS or its products, please contact Vivid Racing’s specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040. 

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