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Denso Double Platinum Spark Plug Porsche 996 997 Turbo


Denso Spark Plugs

Model #PK20PR-P8

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Denso Double Platinum Spark Plug Porsche 996 997 Turb

We carry these Denso Double Platinum spark plugs which fit the Porsche 996 997 Turbo.  This is the plug recommended by the best Porsche tuners for cars making over 500hp.  The plugs are priced individually.  You will need 6 for the vehicle.  Spark plugs require professional installation.

Denso Double Platinum Plugs feature:

  • Platinum Ground Electrode
  • 1.1mm Platinum Center Electrode
  • Extended Plug Life

Nearly all spark plug manufacturers use platinum in one form or another on their long life or performance spark plugs. This is because of platinum’s high melting point which makes it useful in two ways. On long life spark plugs a thin wafer of platinum is bonded at the firing point to the center electrode (and possibly ground electrode) solely so they don’t wear as fast as a traditional plug. On a fine wire performance plug, the very tip of the center electrode is made of platinum so that the fine wire tip will last longer. Do not be fooled, all platinum plugs are not created equal, Platinum is a very expensive precious metal, a $2 platinum spark plug will not have much platinum in it, and therefore will not last as long as a $12 platinum spark plug. Some platinum plugs have only the center electrode tipped with platinum, while others have both the center and ground electrodes platinum tipped. (it is not suggested that platinum plugs be used on vehicles with nitrous injection, there have been no problems reported using iridium plugs with nitrous).

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Porsche 996 TT/GT2

Porsche 997 TT/GT2

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