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Ignition - Ignition Components

Ignition System: Parts and Accessories

Your local auto parts store is no place to find truly high-performance ignition components. Performance spark plugs and performance spark plug wires can only be obtained through knowledgeable companies like Vivid Racing. Our racing background makes us an authority in the performance parts industry. That includes ignition components like plugs and wires. So put a set of spark plugs and plug wires in your cart if you have questions or can not find what you need. Call Us. We will help and get you on your way to doing the job right. If you have questions about ignition amplifiers and plasma boosters, we can help with that too.

You should begin your engine by rotating the ignition switch clockwise using a key until you're capable of driving your car. The car is fitted with an ignition coil to allow an electric current to enter your engine. To trigger the spark plug and ignite the fuel in the combustion chambers, this part of the transformer transforms the reduced voltage power from the source, which is the battery.

In the mid-18th century, ignition coils were developed as a modified variant of induction coils developed in 1836. By improving the induction coil, researchers pursued further advances, which ultimately led to more sophisticated structures. Auto manufacturers used magnetos to produce enough electricity to produce sparks in internal combustion engines before car ignition coils. It wasn't until 1910 that carmakers began integrating battery-and-coil systems into automotive manufacturing.

What is an Ignition System?

The ignition system gives the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chambers. The spark must be efficient and accurately timed for all working conditions for optimum efficiency and fuel mileage, and minimum emissions. Distributorless ignition systems, mechanical breaker points, electronic ignition distributor systems, and Coil-On-Plug (COP) devices are needed. Still, we will provide you with spare parts no matter what you have.

Spark Plug, what is it?

Ignition System's spark plugs are the most regularly maintained components. Inside an insulator and steel plate, a spark plug has a central electrode. From the base of the shell, a side electrode bends into the middle electrode. The shell is threaded, so it is possible to mount the spark plug in the combustion chamber. A spark jumps the distance between the middle and side electrodes as the high voltage is delivered to the spark plug by the ignition coil, triggering the air/fuel mixture. However, once the plug burns, a limited percentage of the electrodes wear, gradually increasing the distance and needing replacement of the spark plug.

Ignition System's Primary and Secondary Circuit

There is a primary and a secondary circuit in the ignition system. The source, which is the battery, the ignition coil's main winding, the control module (switching device), and the ignition switch, form the primary circuit. The secondary circuit involves a distributor, the ignition coil secondary winding, spark plugs, and/or spark plug wires on certain automobiles. The ignition coil converts the 12 volts required by the spark plugs from the battery to 15,000-40,000 volts.

For each set of cylinders, distributor ignitions have a single-coil, electronic distributorless ignitions have a coil, and for each spark plug, COP systems have a coil. All also are designed in the same manner. There are 100-200 twists of heavy wire wrapped around an iron core for the primary winding. Inside the main winding, the secondary winding has hundreds of rolls of excellent wire. A magnetic field is formed as the current passes through the primary winding. The magnetic field fails as the control module stops the current flow, causing a high voltage in the secondary winding.

Breaker point distributor ignition systems have been the established standard for years, but the breaker points were damaged, and regular servicing was necessary. An improvement was electrical distributor ignitions, but the distributor, rotor, and cap wear also failed. Waste spark ignition systems replace the distributor, and a coil is used for each couple of cylinders as well, but spark plug wires are sometimes used. The most advanced devices are COP ignitions. Along with the arcing and misfires that wire failure could trigger, the spark plug wires have been removed, and ignition timing is regulated remotely.

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