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What is a Midpipe?

An exhaust system can often appear like a complicated sequence of aluminum piping that twist and turn for no apparent reason. The truth, however, is that each connection and curve within the system has a true purpose and meaning. Below we will talk all about mid pipes, regarding what they are and how they work. We will also tackle all their benefits and in choosing the best midpipe for you and your car.

A midpipe is a part of the exhaust system that runs between the exhaust muffler and the catalytic converter. This is also where you can find an x-pipe where two tubes cross to create the shape of an “X” or connect in middle to make an “H”. Not all vehicles have these shapes, however. 

An exhaust system’s piping is engineered to direct the exhaust emissions generated by the engine away from the cab of the vehicle. The system starts with the headers, then the catalytic converter, then the midpipes, and then the axleback. 

Are Aftermarket Midpipes a Worthy Upgrade?

Midpipes can be upgraded if you’re interested in experiencing a horsepower, throttle response, torque, and sound upgrade.

Performance midpipes typically come with a perpendicular linking pipe or pipes that join momentarily. This design is meant to balance the pressure in the two exhaust pipes for optimum performance. The different kinds of midpipe configurations all offer different sound quality as well, which is the main deciding factor for many enthusiasts buying a midpipe.

The two main kinds of a midpipe include an H-pipe and an X-Pipe. The H-pipe simply connects the two exhausts pipes with a short pipe between them. This type of configuration makes the shape of an “H” which is why it’s called an H-pipe. An X-Pipe, on the other hand, takes the two exhaust pipes and momentarily merges them together before separating them again.

Besides their distinct appearance, the H-pipe and X-pipe also have distinct flow patterns in directing exhaust gases. Both pipes follow precise designs with a unique purpose and exhaust sound in mind. If you’re looking for an extra high exhaust note, then an X-pipe would be work best for you. An H-Pipe meanwhile, generates a deeper roar similar to that of a classic muscle car. Where the X-pipe generates additional power in higher RPMs, the H-pipe provides extra torque in lower RPMs.

For many vehicles, such as the R35 GTR, the midpipe is neither an H-Pipe or an X-Pipe, instead it’s a Y-pipe. The Y-pipe works by taking the two exhaust pipes and merging them into one pipe which is run to the rear of the vehicle.

How would I know the right Midpipe for My Car?

When it comes to choosing the ideal mid-pipe, it would be best to focus your decision on two important things. First is on your plans for the future with regards to your car. Second is the existing aftermarket/stock parts that your car has. Once you have chosen the perfect mid-pipe from Vivid Racing, don’t forget to check out our selection of everything else needed to complete that that new exhaust system.

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