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Head Units

High-Quality Head Units

For vehicle technology and electronic media components, the head unit offers a user interface: USB MP3, satellite radio, Bluetooth, DVDs/CDs, AM/FM radio, Wi-Fi, dash cams, GPS navigation, and occasionally the condition of vehicle systems. Also, audio function regulation, like speaker fade, frequency, band, bass, speaker balance, speaker fade, volume, treble, equalization, and so on, may be given. Head units with touch video screens are commonly available, incorporating voice control and scene understanding or gesture recognition with the emergence of GPS navigation, dash cams, and DVDs.

It is safe to change those long hours of driving to and from the office into an interesting experience with the right car stereo, particularly one with cool forms of entertainment. We are here to ensure that you only select your car head units from what is considered the market's most high-tech touch screen car stereos. Vivid Racing provides a wide variety of head units with touch screens that satisfy the new need for in-car technology. To remain connected and delighted on the go, get a touch screen head unit in our digital store.

A Head Unit To Complete Your Journey

The entertainment system of your vehicle is not finished yet without a head unit for the touch screen. You are in the correct spot if you're hunting for a touch screen stereo. Look through our vast inventory of head units, and you will be happily surprised to discover out that many of them have built-in Bluetooth so that you can experience hands-free calls, connect your phone to the head unit and play music wirelessly from your phone to the speakers of the vehicle. Enhance a new touch screen head unit with your progressively linked lifestyle!

We've got you covered if you want your new head units to look as amazing as it sounds. Vivid Racing has the necessary touch screen stereos filled with exciting features and cool entertainment options to improve your vehicle performance and driving experience. We carry manufacturers' products that are continuously innovating their in-car entertainment and audio technology, such as Autometer, ECUMaster USA, Crazy Audio, MB Quart, Polaris OEM, Rockford Fosgate, UTV Stereo. In our online shop, we stock the most recent versions of touch screen head units. Breathe a fresh identity into your car stereo system and make every journey genuinely pleased with the option of cool touch screens from Vivid Racing at the most budget-friendly prices.

Insane Audio Head Units

For off-road adventurers, Insane Audio offers various in-dash navigation and multimedia services and technologies. The company's line-up is specifically built for select vehicles from Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Toyota. Insane Audio devices are made to be rugged and ready for any physical demands that may be thrown at them by your off-road adventure. The head units of Insane Audio are highly configurable and will take your rig to a whole new stage.

Insane Audio's head units come packed with Insane NavEngines, the dedicated navigation app that offers great on- and off-road navigation features, including full terrain and high-definition 3D charts. Insane NavEngines are pre-loaded with the new U.S.A., and Canada maps and are intended to handle in the off-line mode, so you can still get exactly where you are headed, both in the city on the trail when exploring off-road terrain.

Head Unit: Polaris Ride Command Display

With Ride Command, get the most out of your happy and pleasant experience on screen. Turn your ORV driver's seat into a control room, all at your fingertips, with control of information, music, mapping, mobile integration, social media communication, front and rear camera screens, and vehicle diagnostics.

Rockford Fosgate Head Units

It is of the utmost significance to have a strong car speaker system. You spend a lot of time in your car, and through clear, high-quality speakers, you deserve to hear your beloved music in the background. The majority of OEM car speakers are low-quality and inexpensive, so anyone interested in music should switch to aftermarket speakers. Rockford Fosgate is one of the best car stereo products on the market. Rockford Fosgate speakers have proven credibility for reliability, offering excellent sound quality products at an affordable price.

So, what are the key reasons for positioning your dashboard with a screened receiver? It gives you other great advantages, other than looking cool and high-tech. Without taking your eyes off the road, a widescreen allows you to view some detail. Extra safety equipment, such as a rearview camera, can also be mounted to send a picture to your in-dash screen. You get a user-friendly model and intuitive interface, apart from a nice wide display with an aftermarket touch screen head unit, that will make utilizing your stereo a pure delight. Most of the newer models we sell also have GPS navigation built-in. Enrich your experience with a touch screen car stereo offered at Vivid Racing a lot simpler and more fun.

Find High-Quality Head Units Only at Vivid Racing

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