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Turbulent air in a car or a plane is not something you want to experience. In a car’s intake system, the smoother the airflow is, the more power the engine gets because of these flow characteristics. Turbulent air can make the throttle body struggle to receive what it needs in order to push your vehicle’s engine to its limits. By choosing the right intake tube, you will be able to clear this problem and ensure that your vehicle gets the correct airflow from the airbox.  

When building a custom air intake system, there are a variety of available options when it comes to intake tubes. Choose from aluminum, stainless steel or silicone, among other finishes. The good quality tubes are easily installable and will not trigger a check engine light. The intake tubing will deliver dyno proven performance gains without you having to re-tune your vehicle.

Silicon hoses can reduce heat soak while keeping the stock air box performing at high efficient levels. Made from high-grade silicone, these hoses offer superior temperature resistance, which makes them ideal for cooling and heating, and charged-air applications. Apart from lasting longer and performing better, they will not deform under extreme conditions. These tubes replace the stock OEM restrictive intake hose with high temperature reinforced silicon material, and retain the stock sound tube. It’s an inexpensive and practical performance modification for all types of cars and trucks.

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