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Safety & Seats

As you might already know, many modern high-performance cars come equipped with sporty seats that provide a lot of bolstering and support. Unfortunately, many older cars or non-performance-oriented cars don't have supportive seats from the factory, creating the need for aftermarket racing seats.

How do racing seats compare with ordinary car seats? Are they genuine upgrades worth investing in? In most cases, upgrading your OEM seats with a pair of aftermarket seats is a great investment and makes your car much easier to drive at the limit.

If you're attempting to achieve faster lap times, racing seats are crucial. They help prevent your bottom from sliding around uncontrollably and hold you in place firmly at the hips. This decreases or even eliminates the need to re-adjust your body back to the right seating position. It also eliminates the need to hang on to the steering wheel to keep yourself in position. Ultimately this means you'll have better control of the vehicle at all times, but especially during hard corners.

Racing seats are designed to keep your body properly in place even during high g-force corners. This ensures that every control is easily within reach anytime you need to, giving you the confidence to drive faster. Many of them are also much stronger than OEM seats and are less likely to break during a crash.

Every time you're behind the wheel, sports seats can give your better overall comfort than regular ones. Many seats are available in specific sizes, meaning you can buy a seat that perfectly fits your height and weight. Seats that are designed for road and track use generally feature a fair amount of cushion to be as comfortable as possible, however, dedicated track seats often feature little cushion for as tight of a grip on your body as possible.

Roll Cages

A roller cage or a roller bar is specifically intended to protect drivers and passengers from the collapse of their vehicle while rolling over. You need your car to be secured, Vivid Racing knows that. We offer roller cages and roller bars in our virtual store that are ultimately reliable. They are specifically built to meet quality requirements and guarantee better vehicle rigidity while providing the additional safety layer you need. We partner with leading manufacturers with deep experience in engineering and manufacturing.

We sell an array of quality items from Competition Motorsport, Rockhard 4x4, Cusco, and many more in our online shop. For example, the roller cages can be attached to the OE frame by Competition Motorsport in order to bundle them and enhance torsional stiffness inside the chassis. We also have great Cusco products if you're looking for a dashing escape roll cage. It has been designed extensively to have enduring extraordinary designs that can impair efficiency when cornering in case of chassis flex.

At the sturdiest points in a car is placed a roller cage. All these are connected together through steel tubes which are engineered to efficiently disperse forces in the event of an impact. The function of a roll cage is to improve the initial rigidity of the vehicle. Our roll cage minimizes body flex considerably as high-g turns are performed and support the suspension components by sharing the car's physical loads from unpredictable bumps. Overall, the structural rigidity of the car is improved and everything is retained.

So you should improve your vehicle if you conquer raw terrain or be first on a race day. In addition to contributing to structural stability from a safety point of view, premium roll bars and cages that we have here at Vivid Racing will also give each additional bar greater toughness. You're going to be satisfied, no matter which roll bar or cage you end up choosing. The combination of excellent quality and incredible architecture ensures unrivaled robustness and maximum protection. By making your car steep and sturdy, you and those who drive with you safely.

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