Jeep Gladiator Axle Assembly Fusion Elite 60/80 Package 20-Pres Jeep Gladiator JT Gear Ratio 4.56 Auburn ECTED MAX E-Locker Fusion 4x4 | FUS-KPFF80-JT-ECT-456

Jeep Gladiator Axle Assembly Fusion Elite 60/80 Package 20-Pres Jeep Gladiator JT Gear Ratio 4.56 Auburn ECTED MAX E-Locker Fusion 4x4



Model #FUS-KPFF80-JT-ECT-456

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Fusion Elite Kingpin 60 Front Axle and Fusion Elite Full Float 80 Rear Axle Package. Whether you're a weekend warrior or off-road racer, these axles provide the performance you need to tackle even the most challenging obstacles. This package is ideal for those running 43+ inch tires and/or big power.

  • Axle Width 72 Inches (other options available)
  • Gear Ratio 4.56
  • Locker Auburn ECTED MAX E-Locker
  • 2020-Present Jeep Gladiator JT
  • Fusion Elite 60/80 Package
  • Fusion 2.5 Ton Tie Rod and Drag Link
  • Fully Integrated ABS
  • Highlights of why the Fusion Elite Kingpin 60 and Full Float 80 are the best axles in their class:
  • Kingpin steering knuckles: Every ball joint wears out. The Fusion springless kingpin steering incorporates a preload adjuster. You will never need to replace parts and they will always feel like new.
  • Modular fully machined racing steering arms: Should you ever decide to go full hydro, we have optional full hydro knuckle tie-in steering arms. Options are nearly unlimited.
  • Rear Full Float 80 offers one of the strongest housings in the industry.
  • Axle shafts include an industry best lifetime warranty.
  • More value per dollar than any other axles in the industry!

Fusion Elite Kingpin 60 Front Axle Standard Features:

  • 72 inch width for ideal steering geometry and tire clearance when running 40 inch tires
  • High clearance center section with custom low profile fabricated differential cover
  • Genuine Made in the USA Spicer 10.1 inch (256 mm) ring and pinion gear
  • 3.5 inch diameter x 7/16 inch wall axle tubes
  • Lifetime Warranty US Made Chromoly axle shafts with 1480 solid u-joints
  • Massive, race inspired Kingpin inner knuckle Cs and outer knuckles, no ball joints to wear out
  • Fully machined springless steering arm attached with 6 ARP Studs
  • Steering arm upgrades available for full hydro or virtually any application
  • 1/4 inch plate axle bracketry designed to be the strongest in its class
  • 8 x 6.5 bolt pattern
  • Massive 13.25 inch brake rotors and dual piston calipers
  • Yukon Hardcore locking hubs

Fusion Elite 80 Full Float Rear Axle Standard Features:

  • 72 inch width for ideal steering geometry and tire clearance when running 40 inch tires
  • Low pinion design for maximum gear strength
  • Only 3/4 inch less ground clearance at the lowest point compared to the 60 Elite rear axle
  • 11.25 inch Ring Gear and 37 Spline Pinion Input Shaft
  • 4 inch diameter x 3/8 inch wall axle tubes
  • Lifetime Warranty US Made 35 Spline dual heat treated Chromoly axle shafts
  • 1/4 inch plate laser cut, CNC bent axle bracketry designed to be the strongest in its class
  • 3/8 inch plate fabricated diff cover welded inside and out provides maximum protection to the internal parts
  • 8 x 6.5 bolt pattern
  • Big brake kit with dual piston calipers and 14.1 inch rotors
  • Best-in-class OE quality ABS design and integration make these axles plug and play with the Jeep Gladiator JT

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Jeep Gladiator

Who is Fusion 4x4?

Fusion 4x4 is an aftermarket company specializing in manufacturing axle and differential upgrades for various offroad vehicles. They are known for creating products that are superior compared to their stock counterparts and are best for the enthusiast who prefers to use the road less taken by others. 

Today, they have supplied parts to seasoned racers and has proven itself when the vehicles fitted with their parts won the prestigious King of the Hammers.

Customer First

All of Fusion’s products are made to ensure that it satisfies the customer’s needs. Learning what their customers want enabled the company to become successful as they were able to provide the right product and exceed the client’s expectation.

Quality Product

Fusion manufactures all of its parts 100% in the USA, helping them control the quality of the end product and keeps the cost at an affordable level.

The company uses high-quality materials such as A572 steel which makes their differential durable. They use state-of-the-art equipment for their manufacturing processes such as a CNC and laser cutter that cuts the components accurately. This produces a more consistent product.

Their parts are well built and carefully thought of that they were able to create a differential that is around 50 pounds lighter than stock. Even so, these are more durable and reliable compared to the Original Equipment.

Purchase Fusion 4x4 parts at Vivid Racing

If your rig’s stock driveline is not enough for you, then it's time for an upgrade. Check out Fusion 4x4 as they offer upgraded parts such as lockers and complete axles. 

They are better, faster, and provide better ground clearance compared to the stock parts. Visit Vivid Racing and see the list of parts that is suitable for your specific needs.


Fusion 4x4 Manufactured Products

All Fusion 4x4 LLC manufactured products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year from the original purchase date. All products produced by Fusion 4x4 are designed exclusively for off road applications and therefore do not have any warranty or guarantee of performance. Because of the wide variety of applications of our products, the effectiveness, warranty and longevity of this equipment are directly related to the manner in which it is installed, used and/or maintained. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of these Fusion 4x4 products is with the purchaser. All components must be used in their proper places and proof of this is required for warranty claims. Any substitutions of other manufacturers components or exemptions of required components will immediately void the warranty.

Fusion 4x4 components may have minor finish damage to surfaces which may occur during shipping and is not covered under warranty.

This warranty is non-transferable. Fusion 4x4's obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective parts only; at Fusion 4x4's discretion. Any costs associated with removal, installation, reinstallation, shipping charges, and incidental or consequential damages are excluded from this warranty. Additional exclusions include damage due to improperly installed products, damage due to abuse or neglect, products that have unauthorized modifications or alterations, products used in competition, damage due to accidents or other abnormal, excessive or improper use, bushings and other wear items.

What is not covered: bushings, rod ends, seals, ball joints, bearings, and any other parts identified as wear items. These parts are subject to wear and are not considered defective when worn. Products may be covered by an original manufacturer warranty.

Fusion 4x4's No BS Lifetime Steering Guarantee
All Fusion 4x4 "Hard" steering parts come with our exclusive No BS lifetime guarantee on all hard parts of “2.5 Ton” steering components. All aluminum sleeves and forged rod ends will be replaced if bent, broken or damaged in any way that effects their function. All components must be used in their proper locations and proof of proper installation to validate any warranty claim. Any substitutions of other manufacturers components or exemptions of required components can void any warranty associated with the product. Improper use and setup of hydraulic assist rams on tie rods will void this warranty. Use of hydraulic assist on drag links will void this warranty. Fusion 4x4 guarantees that all of its products are of the finest quality and free from manufacturing defects. Any product that has been manufactured incorrectly or is of a defective nature will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Fusion 4x4. Replaceable cartridges are warrantied against manufacturer's defect only and are only returnable if they have not been installed. Fusion 4x4 covers the cost of the part only shipping, vehicle down time, etc is the responsibility of the end user. Prior to tearing the vehicle down for a warrantied item, please email or call for how to submit a warranty claim so extra vehicle down time and labor is not incurred.

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