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Omni Power 4 Bar Speed Density Conversion Kit w/ Harness Nissan GT-R 2009-2021

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Omni Power


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This is the Omni Power 4 Bar Speed Density Conversion that will come provided with harnesses. The intended use of this kit is to delete your MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensors and to convert to Intake Air Temperatures to help achieve higher boost applications. This means if you have an aftermarket engine control unit whether it be standalone, or through a piggyback system then you can eliminate the MAF sensors and use your tuning devices to convert to speed density.


  • This is a 100% plug and play kit that uses IAT and MAP in a single sensor package while keeping the OEM look and feel
  • Compatible with OEM and aftermarket intercooler pipes
  • Provide OEM readings which means no sensor calibrations are required
  • This kit also comes with extra connectors for harness side MAF loom plug blanking.
  • Included are sensors for both intakes, as well as harnesses to make them ready for installation.
  • Nissan GT-R 2009-2021

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Nissan GTR

Omni Power | Clutch Master, Sensor, Tachometer

Omni-Power USA, Inc. began in 2005 from the hearts and minds of Steve ?Omniman? Rothenbuehler & Bob Nichols. We quickly realized that the odds were stacked high with so much competition in this industry right out of the gate. Actually, this took some of the pressure off us and allowed us to keep our focus on consumer needs. We decided to center on unique and innovative products and went from there with a clear plan.

As long-time enthusiasts ourselves, we used real-world testing and our vehicles and experiences to create our products, with continual input from customer feedback, drag & road racing, and new technology. Our unparalleled customer service is the one thing our customers, and we believe, have set us apart from some of our competitors. As enthusiasts ourselves, we know how it feels to be on the losing end of a product, and vowed from the beginning that we would never do that to any of our customers!

We have accomplished quite a bit in the 6+ years in business. From being the 'new guy on the block' to now sponsoring class-winning race teams, record-holding drag racers, the world's fastest & first 7 second Honda (using Omni-Power Full Coilovers), and many other import drag racers in various fields. With our continued focus on consumer needs, we have been able to listen to our customers and our critics to produce performance products that not only greatly improve the driving experience but ones that still fit nicely into your budget!

Universal 4 Bar MAP Sensor

Omni Power USA 4 Bar MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensors use state-of-the-art bipolar op amp circuitry with thin film resistor networks built into each microchip. Pressure changes are calculated on a true linear 0-5 volt scale via a specially designed silicon pressure sensor that compensates for temperature changes.

The unique ability to compensate for temperature changes allows the Omni Power USA MAP sensor to remain a minimum of 99% accurate from 32 degrees F to 180 degrees F throughout its range of scale. With the true linear pressure vs. voltage scale, there is never a need to re-tune at different altitudes as with other sensors.

Competitors' sensors on the market don't have true linear scaling, which can cause your engine to go out of tune with elevation changes, often resulting in idle problems, poor driveability, and catastrophic engine damage. Omni Power 4 bar MAP sensors can precisely calculate boost pressure from 1-43+ psi while allowing smooth stock OEM drivability at any boost level. Conveniently packaged in a universal Style housing including plug and pigtails for an easy install.

Clutch Master

Omni-Power relies on over 10 years of racing experience to develop its unique product line. Omni Power developed our Quicklutch master cylinder (QMC) to lower lap times on the drag strip, road course, and auto-cross track. This unique performance part is a byproduct of our company's experience in design and innovation. The outer body is constructed of cast aluminum using modern OEM casting methods, then precisely CNC carved. OEM rubber seals used on brake master cylinders are fitted to a specially designed piston and one-way valve. This results in a range of motion about 45% less than the stock pedal travel.

Comparing our QMC to a stock clutch master cylinder, we use a 21mm piston that moves the same fluid volume as the stock 15.8mm piston in a much shorter motion. This shorter motion results in faster shifting times due to having less clutch pedal travel to complete the gear change cycle.

Another issue that our QMC resolves is the installation of a short shifter. After installing a short shifter, the synchronization and timing ratio from your hands to your feet will be off. You can't make one shorter without the other and fully realize all the benefits. In many cases, you will not see any gains by simply installing a short shifter alone. Some vehicles are grossly misproportioned in a stock form, resulting in high miss shift rates and awkward shifting methods. Once you try the Omni-Power QMC, you will never want to drive without it.


Omni Power replacement tachometers are unique because they fit directly into the factory cluster and require no wiring or custom mounting. This feature allows the vehicle to retain a factory look with a more accurate and higher RPM capability. Omni Power developed its software in-house to run the modern digital gear-driven stepper motor. This was crucial to ensure that the tachometer was accurate and fast enough movement to keep up with highly responsive, high-resolution engines. Omni Power uses the same digital gear driven stepper motor as Porsche, and other exotic automobiles use.

The OEM Honda EF, EG, EK, and DC tachometer is inaccurate. Typically they read about 200-600 RPM fast at engine speeds above 7000 RPM. Omni Power developed a special monitoring software that ensures that their tachometer will be incredibly accurate at all RPM speeds. Each tachometer is manufactured in the USA. Assembly, programming and testing are done in house, to ensure the highest level of quality.

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