C&R 2 Pass Radiator LS Chevrolet Nova 1968-1977

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C&R 2 Pass Radiator LS Chevrolet Nova 1968-1977

CR's new line of Camaro radiators have taken cooling to a whole new level. From the engineered design and high-efficiency core built here at our facility to the custom aluminum shroud and largest possible Spal fans, your vehicle will have the most efficient, highest-performing cooling package on the market today.

CR radiators are designed and engineered for today's high HP applications using the many years of high-level racing experience and expertise we have here.

Protect the most expensive part of your vehicle with the quality and performance of a CR radiator.

  • Chevrolet Nova 1968-77 2 Pass Radiator LS
  • CR's new generation of Camaro radiators designed with our own CR built cores
  • Handmade and Professionally Tig-welded in the USA/Indianapolis
  • Designed for OE fit and installation. In most instances, our radiators are a true plug and play cooling solution.
  • All CR Camaro radiators have been maximized with the most core face possible for the available space.
  • Engineered cooling tube and R-fin technology designed specifically for street applications to achieve the most heat rejection
  • Radiator modules have a custom aluminum shroud with the largest possible High-Performance Spal fans
  • Radiator Style: Crossflow
  • Number of Passes: 2
  • Inlet Location: Upper Passenger Side
  • Inlet Size: 1.25 Inch
  • Outlet Location: Lower Passenger Side
  • Outlet Size: 1.50 Inch
  • Tube Size: 55 mm
Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Chevrolet Nova

Who is C&R Racing?

C&R Racing is a company founded by Chris Paulsen back in 1988. The company started as a specialty machine shop that fabricates car parts used in IndyCar Racing. With a passion for motorsport racing, C&R started supplying cooling solutions to top tier racing teams. Today, they are considered the leader in the industry and are the chosen brand of champion teams in the motorsport industry.

Technology Derived From The Track

Using their experience in motorsport racing, they are able to use the information they collected to create products with superior quality. If their parts can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions in a race car, what more to your daily driven vehicle.

Working With The Best

In March of 2015, C&R was acquired by PWR. PWR  is a well-known manufacturer of cooling system parts in Australia. This acquisition allowed C&R to expand its network and gain access to larger resources. This enabled them to improve their manufacturing facility which is now 46,000 square feet with all the latest and advanced tools available in the market. 

High Tech Equipment

C&R is known for creating high precision parts. To do this, they utilize high tech tools such as a CNC machine, controlled atmosphere brazing furnace and other fabrication tools. The combination of their equipment and highly skilled fabricators allow them to produce parts that are top-notched and is a favorite of many racing car enthusiasts.

Purchase C&R Products At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for high-quality cooling system products, then C&R is the brand for you. They offer parts such as intercoolers, oil coolers, aluminum radiators and other cooling system related products. To know more about C&R visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific requirements.


C&R Racing Inc warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. This warranty is extended only to the first purchaser of any product at retail who has retained ownership of the vehicle on which the product was originally installed. A dated purchase receipt or invoice must be presented with all claims.

This warranty does not cover labor, materials not manufactured by C&R, or damages caused in shipping. Radiators repaired or altered by those other than C&R, components attached (such as fans or condensers by means of cable ties or similar fasteners that run through the radiator core), or radiators used in racing applications, will not apply to this warranty.

This warranty does not cover claims of internal damage or damages to the engine assembly, its components or to the vehicle due to overheating. All vehicles should be equipped with some form of warning device for overheating.

This warranty does not cover damages caused by excessive engine operating temperature or pressure, internal corrosion due to inadequate proportions of antifreeze/coolant or damages resulting from collision, such as crushing or other damage due to any accident.

C&R Racing, Inc. disclaims all liability for damages to its product or injury to persons using the product when improperly opening radiator pressure caps and/or bursting hoses and other connections.

The remedy for breach of this warranty, exclusive of all other warranties provided by law, is expressively limited to the repair or replacement of any radiator within one (1) calendar year of date of original retail purchase by the original purchaser. All radiators returned for warranty consideration must be returned with transportation charges prepaid. Purchaser's remedy is limited to the repair or replacement of the radiator and shall not include consequential damages or other damages, such as the cost of removal and reinstallation of the radiator.

Radiators received which are damaged in shipping, should immediately be reported to the shipping carrier as damaged, and claims of damage filed accordingly. Contact the transport carrier for procedures in filing a damage claim with the carrier or their agent. C&R Racing, Inc. will not accept product returned for damages caused in shipping.

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