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Rockhard 4x4 Unpainted Straight Across The Rear Bar Jeep Wrangler TJ | Unlimited LJ 1997-2006


Rockhard 4x4

Model #RH-1001-B

Shopper Award

The TJ and LJ Straight Across the Rear Bar connects your factory driver and passenger side rear cage sections together forming a more solid and safer cage than ever before. Don't plan on running your factory hard or soft top Mount Rock Hard 4x4's RH-1021 Accessory Mounting Clamp to your Straight Across the Rear Bar and add your favorite off road light! This would give you a highly visible dust lamp option or reverse light option!

The RH4x4 Jeep bolt-in Sport Cage is the cornerstone of Rock Hard 4x4 parts. Developed first for the Jeep Wrangler TJ and proven after years and years of trail use and abuse - the RH4x4 bolt-in Sports Cage has become one of the most popular safety upgrades in the Jeep aftermarket industry.

Rock Hard 4x4's proprietary locking collars are arguably the safest and most secure way to not only strengthen your Jeep's cabin but also provide you and your passengers the peace and mind that comes with a premium cage system. No other bolt-in cage comes close to the fitment, quality, and durability of Rock Hard 4x4's system.

Patented Design
Protected by Patent US6908107 and used in all Rock Hard 4x4's cage systems, Rock Hard 4x4's locking collars are the foundation for Rock Hard 4x4's Ultimate Sports Cage upgrade. Magazine editors, trail guides, wheelers from across the world, and even competitors have turned to Rock Hard 4x4's bolt-in cage for over a decade for their own vehicles. The strength Rock Hard 4x4's collars provide is inherent in how they couple Rock Hard 4x4's cage components together.

Rock Hard 4x4's patent not only protects RH4x4 from domestic and overseas "knock-offs" but also gives you the peace of mind knowing Rock Hard 4x4 stand 100% behind Rock Hard 4x4's product. Rock Hard 4x4's registration gives you the exact definition and purpose for Rock Hard 4x4's cage components. Rock Hard 4x4 encourage you to read Rock Hard 4x4's patent registration and see just how much thought, time, and care was put into Rock Hard 4x4's system. Why has no other manufacturer patented their cage system? Either its a copy of another system, or they simply don't feel confident enough in their development. Don't purchase a component that was simply meant to compete in a market, purchase a product that was born to create a market.

Success stories of Rock Hard 4x4's bolt-in Sports Cage are not hard to find. Virtually every Jeep forum online contains detailed user-installed threads and photos of how DIY'ers were able to not only install Rock Hard 4x4's cage but enjoy it run after run. This is THE Jeep cage.

With Rock Hard 4x4's patent secured over a decade ago Rock Hard 4x4 began production on Rock Hard 4x4's cages. Each collar, cap, and tube component in Rock Hard 4x4's system is produced in house. This gives us total control over manufacturing to ensure that once a system leaves Rock Hard 4x4's facility and gets installed in your Jeep, Rock Hard 4x4 know it will continue to uphold Rock Hard 4x4's sterling reputation.

Rock Hard 4x4's locking collars and caps are solid 1/2" thick CNC machined steel and produced in house. Each cap is secured to it's matching collar with six 5/16" x 1" grade 8 socket head cap screws. Once a cap is secured to it's collar it becomes a solid, unbreakable joint. This means assembly and disassembly is achieved without welding or cutting which could potentially damage your Jeep's interior or expensive cage powder coat/paint finish.

Rock Hard 4x4's tubing, which connects Rock Hard 4x4's collars, is made from extremely strong 1 3/4" .120 wall steel tube and are precisely cut and fit for your Jeep model. There is no guess work when it comes to which component installs where. Each collar is expertly hand welded to it's matching tube section and can only install one way.

Ease of Installation
Thanks in part to Rock Hard 4x4's collar design there is no need to ship you a completely welded together cage system that requires major vehicle disassembly. Rock Hard 4x4's cage ships in a complete package that includes the individual components that assemble into Rock Hard 4x4's sports cage. Simply powder coat or paint the color of your choice and use Rock Hard 4x4's easy to follow instructions to complete your own install.

The secret behind Rock Hard 4x4's system's ease of install is precise fitment. From Rock Hard 4x4's dash bar that retains use of your tweeter speakers to Rock Hard 4x4's overhead streamer, each component is an exact fit for your model Jeep. Included in Rock Hard 4x4's front cage a-pillar uprights are welded on grab handles angled to not only make it easier to climb in and out of your Jeep, but also allow you to retain your OEM sun visors.


  • Strengthens Factory Cage
  • Patented Locking Collars
  • 100% Bolt on Install
  • All Hardware Included
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
Kit Includes:
  • Straight Across the Rear Bar
  • Collar Caps
  • Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • Jeep Wrangler TJ | Unlimited LJ 1997-2006

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
Jeep Wrangler

What is Rockhard 4x4?

The concept for Nebraska-based Rockhard 4x4 was started in the 1980s by Lewish Barth and his son, James. The two of them had been building off-road cages and bumpers for more than 20 years. By the 1990s, the duo was building so many cages for friends that transporting them became quite difficult. Welding the cage in was not something that everyone could do, and that’s when the bolt-in design was born. It was at that time that Rockhard 4x4 became home of the “do it yourself” cage installation. The brand has since evolved from DIY cage installation to a full-service manufacturing plant.

Why Choose Rockhard 4x4?

Rockhard 4x4 employs state-of-the-art CNC machining centers and combines that with laser cut precision and extraordinary craftsmanship. With this approach, Rockhard is able to take the bolt-in design of bumpers, cages, sliders, and skid plates to the next level. The company’s patented locking collar design sets itself apart in the aftermarket industry with its superior quality and proven strength. The locking collar connection is irrefutably strong and arguably stronger than other weld-in cages. While many competitors have tried to duplicate its design, none have come even close to the quality and workmanship offered by Rockhard 4x4. 

Rockhard 4x4 is known for producing exterior products that make off-roading in Jeeps a lot safer, smoother, and more comfortable. Its products are easy to install, provide paramount protection, exude aggressive styling, and won’t break the bank.

Quality Made in the USA

Rockhard 4x4 proudly manufactures all of its parts and systems in its 30,000 square-foot production facility in Nebraska. There is a certain level of quality and control you can only maintain when building products in the U.S. with a family running the show, and Rockhard proves just that. The experts at Rockhard 4x4 are off-road enthusiasts and wheelers themselves, so they know just how to manufacture armor that will instill confidence in the customer and provide strength-proven protection on America’s most demanding trails.

Upgrade to Rockhard 4x4 at Vivid Racing

Fortify your Jeep with Rockhard 4x4 parts today and see what all the buzz is about. Whether you are looking for skid plates, roll bars/cages, rocker panels, bumpers, underbody components, bull bars, or light mounts, Vivid Racing has all the Rockhard 4x4 parts you could want. If you have any questions regarding the products above or have fitment questions, call our sales team at (480) 966-3040. 

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