Wagner Tuning Competition Gen2 Intercooler Kit w/ Carbon Air Shroud Audi RS6 4B 2002-2007 (US Model)

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Wagner Tuning Competition Gen2 Intercooler Kit w/ Carbon Air Shroud Audi RS6 4B 2002-2007 (US Model)
Updated Competition Gen.2 Intercooler Kit for Audi 4B RS6+ (US).

The WAGNERTUNING Audi 4B RS6+ (US)Intercooler Kit is a high performance redesign of the original Audi OEM intercooler designed specifically for the 4B enthusiasts. Our engineers have increased the intercooler core size and efficiency, as well as improved the endtank design to remove any OEM bottlenecks, resulting in increased flow rating and charge cooling properties. Updated to the latest tube fin technology for the intercooler core, combined with cast aluminum and then CNC end tanks for reliable high performance air to air charge cooling. OEM+ Fit and finish for easy installation.

  • High-performance 255mm x 230mm x 105mm intercooler core that flows 6158cm³ air volume vs. OEM 250mm x 205mm x 65mm, 3331cm³ volume!
  • CAD / FEM optimized cast aluminum endtanks
  • Lightweight carbon composite intercooling ducts
  • OEM mounting points
  • 39% more intercooler face area vs. OEM
  • 98% larger airflow vs. OEM
  • New Bumper Intake Grill for high airflow, (OEM Fog light mounting)
Kit Inclusions:
  • 2 Intercooler (right and left side)
  • 2 Carbonfibre Air Intake Shrouds (right and left side)
  • 2 High Flow Air Intake Gitter
  • 1 6 piece Silicon Hose Kit including clamps
  • 4 Special brackets for the secundary watercooler (behind the intercooler)
  • Audi RS6 4B 2002-2007 (US Model)
Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Audi RS6

Who is Wagner Tuning?

Wagner Tuning is a company that was founded in 2002. They specialize in aftermarket intercoolers and other high performance parts. Intercoolers are used to cool down the air produced by forced induction systems. A well-designed intercooler can increase the performance of an engine by simply lowering the air coming from the compressor before it goes inside the engine. Today, Wagner is a globally recognized brand with over 3000 network dealers worldwide.

Germany, Where The Best Are Made

The company is based in Germany where they develop, design and manufacture their parts. They use advanced design software and measuring tools to produce parts with the highest precision. German ingenuity is evident in all their products. Hence, the reason why they are highly sought after.

Wagner Tuning also produces specially-designed exhaust manifolds and y-pipes which are being used in racing due to their high performance output. They have products specifically designed for various sport-oriented vehicles from various vehicle manufacturers. They offer bolt on kits that let you install the intercooler without the need for any modification. 

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If you want to further improve the performance of your supercharged or turbocharged vehicle, then upgrade your intercooler to Wagner Tuning. They are the leading experts when it comes to intercoolers and is trusted by multiple tuners, race teams and enthusiast globally. To know more about Wagner Tuning, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your specific needs. You will never regret this choice. 

All products come with a 2 Year Manufacturer warranty. All product warranties offered are non-transferable.

Intercooler warranty is extendable to 4 years via product registration with the Manufacturer.

No warranty claim will be considered unless you can produce a verifiable invoice in your name.

Items must be returned for inspection prior to any warranty repair or replacement being authorized.

Any items which have been amended or modified from their original specification will void the warranty.

We accept no claim for labor under any circumstances.

To make a warranty claim contact us by emailing info@wagner-tuning.uk

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