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BBS - BBS Wheels & BBS Rims

Why Choose BBS Wheels?

You might think that all wheels are created equal. They’re not. Each wheel BBS manufactures is injected with 50 years of motorsport experience, passion, and – because they are German – superior engineering in every square inch.

In 1970, Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand founded the company in Schiltach, a small town in Rottweil, Germany. The acronym quickly became synonymous with motorsports and is now a very popular brand among elite car enthusiasts.

BBS’ trophy cabinet includes over 250 championships from the smooth, paved tarmacs of Formula 1 to the ‘no roads lie ahead’ WRC. BBS has unlocked the secret in innovating wheels that don’t just compete but win. 

Most wheel companies build street wheels and then take on racing next. BBS started manufacturing wheels purely for racing. Only when avid fans, racers, and car manufacturers requested had BBS started making wheels for road use. 

The companies that requested for BBS to make road wheels are motorsport royalties such as Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW. These three brands are an institution in racing and choosing BBS wheels is a testament to the quality and engineering BBS is known for.

What kind of wheels does BBS make?

BBS Forged Wheels

Formula 1. DTM. WRC. The cars that race in these events always use forged wheels because of low weight. In racing, a lighter unsprung weight will make the car run faster, stop faster, and corner better. Forged wheels are also known for their stiffness and their ability to withstand abuse. 

BBS has been making forged wheels for road and track applications for more than 30 years. They use an exclusive multiple stage Die-Forging technique to build the toughest, heavy-duty wheels.

Only the finest materials are used. Aerospace grade alloys are molded into intricate and beautiful designs, like the BBS Super RS, using 18 million pounds of force. To put that into perspective, imagine being trampled on by a full-grown African Elephant. Now, imagine it doing so 1,286 times! That is the sort of abuse BBS wheels take even before being mounted on a car. 

Each processing stage is managed in house to ensure the birth of the finest forged wheels in the world.

BBS Performance Line

This line features BBS’ flow-formed wheels. And because it’s BBS, they make it unique. 

BBS Performance wheels feature back-milled spokes to eliminate excess material making it lighter and stronger than traditional cast wheels.

The spokes on a BBS wheel is never truly for style. Style is just a consequence of their effort to reduce weight without compromising strength and rigidity, which enhances performance. 

BBS Design Line

Want to get your mitts on a BBS wheel without the BBS Forged price? The Design Line is for us mere mortals who just want to up the looks of our car and display a wheel brand known for its history and pedigree.

But it is not just a badge. Knowing BBS, they employ an advanced low-pressure casting process to produce the strong foundation of its lightweight alloy wheels. This makes for a strong cast wheels with years of reliability.

The Design Line enabled BBS to manufacture high quality wheels with a value-based price point for an array of different applications.