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BBS Wheels

Why Choose BBS Wheels?

You might think that all wheels are created equal. Well, they are not. Each wheel BBS manufactures is injected with 50 years of motorsport experience, passion, and superior engineering per every square inch.

In 1970, Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand founded the company in Schiltach, a small town in Rottweil, Germany. The acronym quickly became synonymous with the great motorsports world and has grown to become a very popular brand among elite car enthusiasts.

BBS' trophy cabinet includes over 250 championships from the smooth, paved tarmacs of Formula 1 to the ???no roads lie ahead' WRC. BBS has unlocked the secret in creating innovative wheels that don't just compete, but get the win.

Most wheel companies build street wheels and then take on racing next. BBS, however, started out manufacturing wheels purely for racing. Only when avid fans, racers, and car manufacturers started asking for it had BBS started making wheels for road use.

The companies that requested for BBS to make road wheels are motorsport royalties such as Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW. These three automakers are an institution in racing and choosing BBS wheels is a testament to the quality and engineering that BBS is widely known for.

What Type of Wheels Does BBS Make?

BBS Forged Wheels

Formula 1. DTM. WRC. The cars that race in these events always use forged wheels because of their low weight. In racing, a lighter unsprung weight will make the car run faster, stop faster, and corner better. Forged wheels are also known for their stiffness and their ability to withstand abuse.

BBS has been making forged wheels for road and track applications for more than 30 years. They use an exclusive multiple stage die-forging technique to build the toughest, heavy-duty wheels out there. Each processing stage for BBS wheel production is managed in-house to ensure the birth of only the best and safest forged wheels in the world.

With that said, only the finest materials are used in crafting each and every BBS wheel. Aerospace-grade alloys are molded into intricate and beautiful designs, like the BBS Super RS, using 18 million pounds of force. To put that into perspective, imagine being trampled on by a full-grown African Elephant. Now, imagine doing so 1,286 times! That is the amount of abuse that BBS wheels take even before being hitting the market or being mounted on a car.

BBS Performance Line

The BBS Performance Line features BBS' beloved and unique flow-formed wheels. BBS has been flow-forming wheels since 1996. Flow forming is a procedure that uses a continuous rotational motion with three hydraulic rollers and immense pressure at high temperatures to "form" the inner rim area of the wheel. This process changes the mechanical properties of the cast rim area to increase strength, stiffness, and impact over "stiffness to weight ratio". This can deliver very high levels of performance at a cost that is much lower than a forged wheel.

BBS performance wheels feature back-milled spokes to eliminate excess material making it lighter and stronger than traditional cast wheels. The spokes on a BBS wheel are never there merely for styling purposes. Style is just a consequence of their effort to reduce weight without compromising strength and rigidity, which enhances the wheel's overall performance.

BBS Design Line

Want to get your hands on a BBS wheel without the BBS forged price? The Design Line has allowed BBS to manufacture high-quality wheels with a value-based price point for an array of different applications. To produce an exceptional and long-lasting wheel, it is crucial to have a top-quality casting blank. BBS uses the low-pressure aluminum casting method to fabricate its base light alloy wheels with a perfect stiffness to weight ratio.

The Design Line is for owners who want to enhance the appearance of their car and display a wheel brand known for its history and pedigree. But, the BBS logo is more than just a badge. BBS employs an advanced low-pressure casting process to produce the strong foundation of its lightweight alloy wheels. This makes for a strong cast wheels with years of reliability.

What are the Popular BBS Wheels?


From the exclusive series in the forged lineup, the BBS FI-R wheel boasts a one-piece forged aluminum design that was produced in the motorsports department for performance-minded sports car and supercar owners. The FI-R wheel brings with it minimum mass and maximum stability in the form of a gorgeous five Y-spoke design. It is available in 19, 20, and 21-inch diameters with an option for center locking, along with three stunning finishes (including an anniversary bronze color).


From the multi-piece series in the forged lineup, the BBS LM is a two-piece die-forged aluminum wheel whose weight has been optimized by FEM analysis for the best performance possible. The sleek and stunning 10-spoke design will transform your vehicle into something truly special to set it apart from the rest. The LM wheel is a real classic, with a star and rim that, in typical motorsport cross-spoke design, visually merge into each other. Boasting the highest level of forging technology, the BBS LM is the original wheel with a diamond-cut rim well. Choose from a braillitn black, gold, or silver finishes in sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches in diameter.

BBS Super RS

From the multi-piece series in the forged lineup, the BBS Super RS wheel illustrates the beautiful advancement of the legendary RS design. The multi-spoke look combined with technological finesse make this a favorite among car enthusiasts. This two-piece die-forged aluminum wheel highlights that popular BBS look with filigree cross-spokes in either 19-inch or 20-inch sizes. Available in either brilliant silver or gold, just call this wheel the quintessential classic.


From the performance line, the BBS CH-R wheel sports a one-piece counter pressure cast design with a flow-formed rim, stainless-steel rim protector, and back-milled spoke area. Long, filigree spokes and an especially small central area give this dynamic lightweight wheel a devilishly handsome appeal. The shape along suggests its inspiration was drawn from motor racing, and such is confirmed by its performance. It even features a Motorsport' laser engraving in the centre of the wheel.

The CH-R has been weight optimized by FEM analysis for maximum performance benefits as evidenced by the palpability in every turn of your wheel. This wheel comes in 18, 19, and 20-inch diameters with the option of three available finishes. Also available is the two-piece CH-R II wheel, which combines the design language of the bestseller with the latest technology from the motorsports world in an optimal way.


From the design line, the BBS XR wheel interprets the classic BBS Y-spoke in a new and modern way. Traditional and contemporary all at the same time, this wheel boasts the perfect balance of conservativeness and innovation. The BBS XR blends all these extremes into one seamless design with seven distinct Y-spokes and that classic BBS deep-dish center. This was the first wheel of the design line, which can optionally be equipped with the innovative BBS stainless-steel rim protection. It's available in 18, 19, and 20-inch sizes with two glossy finish options and an anniversary bronze edition.