When the engine operates, the charging system turns mechanical energy into electrical energy to provide the current required to recharge the battery and operate the vehicle's electrical components. The alternator, commonly known as an AC generator, is the source of electrical energy.

A belt connecting the crankshaft pulley to a pulley on the alternator, coupled to the engine with brackets, transfers mechanical energy from the engine's crankshaft. A conventional alternator comprises a stator and a shaft-mounted rotor enclosed in a two-piece cast aluminum casing.

At the front of the drive end casing, the cooling fan and pulley are placed on the shaft, which is additionally supported by a bearing. The brushes, rectification assembly, and voltage regulator, if fitted, are all housed in the back housing, along with another shaft support bearing. Diodes and heat sinks make up the rectifier assembly.

When the belt rotates the rotor within the stator windings, a magnetic field is created, which generates a voltage in the windings. Alternators generate AC current, rectified by diodes and converted to DC current, which drives the electrical system and refreshes the battery. To avoid overcharging, it must manage the alternator's voltage output. This is accomplished by adjusting the field current.

In the past, they used an external or internal voltage regulator in previous automobiles, but the regulator function is now part of the Powertrain Control Module in most new vehicles (PCM). Alternators from the most famous and renowned automobile electrical components market are new and reconditioned.

Every alternator surpasses original equipment standards for charging system performance. All are meant to be direct replacements for your original alternator and will attach to your engine and link to the electrical system in the very same way. Only top-quality components are utilized during manufacturing, and each alternator is extensively tested to assure optimal performance and long-term reliability, either new or refurbished.

We also sell replacement pulleys in addition to alternators. The tensioner and serpentine belt are strained when the spinning alternator causes drag during deceleration. Certain manufacturers use alternate decoupler pulleys to enable the alternator to freewheel while decelerating, reducing strain, and extending the belt's life and tensioner.

There are two types of pulleys: one-way clutch (OWC) and overrunning alternator decoupler (OAD). Both work the same way, except for the OAD, which has a vibration reduction system. Many OE dealers don't service these pulleys independently from the alternator, but we do, and you may save money by doing so.

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