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Who is AXIS?

AXIS is an aftermarket company in Japan specializing in creating accessories for the Japanese automotive market. They create pieces that enhance the vehicle's look, giving it a more refined and sophisticated look. Today, they have expanded and started offering their products outside of Japan, enabling them to reach more enthusiasts anywhere in the world.

Dry Carbon Experts

AXIS uses a special composite to create all their trim pieces. Using Dry Carbon as their medium, they were able to create parts that would make you stand out amongst the crowd. Dry Carbon is known to be as strong as wet Carbon but is lighter due to its slightly different manufacturing process. They use pre peg carbon fibers which they place inside a mold and are subjected to a vacuum process.

Interior and Engine Compartment Pieces

The company offers trim pieces and accessories for basically every component of your vehicle. They have carbon pieces from your grills, timing belt covers, air vent covers, switches, front panels, shifter surrounds, rear garnish, instrument panels, and more. This allows your vehicle to have a more exotic look that is usually found in high-end supercars.

Purchase Axis Accessories at Vivid Racing

If you search for high-quality accessories that would set you apart from your peers, then Axis has the right products for you. They have accessories for most common vehicles from Japan, such as those made from Toyota, Subaru, and Honda. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of Axis dry carbon accessories that would fit your specific requirements.