What is Ballistic Fabrication?

Founded in 2005, Ballistic Fabrication is a premier manufacturer and distributor of high-quality aftermarket parts for off-roaders, cars, trucks, and Jeeps. The brand primarily specializes in high-end suspension, differential, and steering components geared towards providing the ultimate in strength and value. Nearly everything Ballistic Fabrication offers is designed and manufactured by its team of engineers who are avid off-road enthusiasts themselves. 

The company caters and markets its products to petrolheads and small manufacturers all around the country. A significant portion of its customer base comes from car, truck, and 4x4 enthusiasts who are looking to purchase parts to enhance their off-road experience in terms of the aesthetics and performance of their vehicles. With Ballistic Fabrication parts, you will immediately see a difference in ride quality no matter where you take it. 

What does Ballistic Fabrication Offer?

The high degree of flexibility and customizability is what attracts consumers to Ballistic Fab. Products include axle housings, battery boxes, tube adapters, high-steer arms, bead locks, differential covers, brackets, tabs, rod ends, bushings, spacers, and the world-famous Ballistic Joint. Ballistic designs and manufactures parts using only the latest in CAD/CAM and machining processes, ensuring well-designed and quality products each and every time. 

With in-house machinery like CNC lasers, presses, lathes, mills, and welding robots, Ballistic produces some of the finest products right here in the USA. Most of its product lineup is manufactured in-house at the company’s 9,000 square-foot facility in Tucson, Arizona. Ballistic Fabrication also offers custom CNC laser and plasma cutting as well as engineering solutions for a variety of unique projects

Customize Your Ride with Ballistic Fab

Whether you are looking to enhance the looks or performance of your ride, we have what you need! Vivid Racing carries a wide selection of parts from Ballistic Fabrication, which includes wheel spacers, toolboxes, towing accessories, steering components, straight steel pipes, mounts, bumpers, emblems, differentials, and much more! We also have an extensive inventory of suspension parts from Ballistic to improve your off-road experience. If you are interested in any of the parts above or have questions, please call our expert sales team at (480) 966-3040.