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Why Upgrade Your Brake Lines?

Looking to improve your car’s performance? Then you should consider improving its braking capabilities as well. Besides, extra horsepower requires extra stopping power. High-performance brake parts such as four-piston calipers and carbon-ceramic rotors are the widely used options today, however, upgrading your brake lines can improve braking power too.

Performance Brake Lines

It’s highly likely that your car features a hydraulic brake system that supplies the power needed to bring your car to a stop. The moment you press the brakes, your hydraulic system will apply pressure on the brake fluid and direct it through the brake lines. This forces the calipers to squeeze the pads on the rotors, bring the vehicle to a stop.

Hydraulic pressure will pass through different components of your car’s brake system, such as the brake lines. Brake lines are generally made of a reinforced rubber. Once pressurized brake fluid enters the lines, they will start to expand. The result is a decrease in fluid pressure which inevitably leads to decreased braking power and a soft brake pedal.

The solution to this problem is to use lines that will remain rigid amidst hydraulic pressure. You might be wondering why you can’t just use hard steel lines. Because of how much movement is in your suspension and steering system, flexible lines are mandatory. Stainless-steel brake lines are popular upgrades that you can use to replace factory rubber brake lines.

Upgrading to Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

Some folks believe achieving optimal braking efficiency is all about upgrading parts such as pads. However, brake lines are the foundation of all braking systems in vehicles. They are also quite low cost in contrast to other components in the system. For this reason, upgrading your brake lines is a no-brainer if you want to enjoy improved braking capability.

Stainless steel braided brake lines offer better braking feel and response compared to their factory counterparts. Rubber factory brake lines enlarge once the pressure is directed through the brake pedal. This causes the pedal to feel “soft” or “mushy” resulting in a poorly responsive brake system.

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