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Why Upgrade Your Brake Rotors?

Most OEM braking systems are not designed to withstand heavy use. The large majority of braking systems are designed for basic road use and quickly fall short when you start driving hard on a canyon road or track. In mass-produced, low-cost cars, brake rotors are generally manufactured to be just adequate for the regular driver. Manufacturers do this to keep costs low.

On most vehicles, you can make plenty of improvements to your stock braking system. This is why high-performance rotors are typically installed on high-performance vehicles, and why some of them are even created from better quality materials and designed with the latest technologies.

Carbon Ceramic Brake Rotors

The majority of extreme high-performance cars do not use common cast-iron brake rotors found in ordinary models. Carbon-ceramic brake rotors have become the standard in almost all high-performance braking systems for a long time. The material used for building these types of rotors was initially used in the world of aerospace and motorsports.

Because carbon-ceramic brake rotors are built from a compound mix of lightweight and attractive materials, they possess numerous advantages. They’re lighter, stronger, last longer, resist brake fade, and massively improve braking performance.

While they are possibly the ultimate high-performance brake rotors, they are also extremely pricey. For this reason, they are generally used purely in high-performance vehicles, such as high-end supercars.

Drilled and Slotted Rotors

If you’re looking for something between expensive carbon-ceramic rotors and stock rotors, consider slotted or drilled cast-iron rotors. These types of rotors are installed on a lot of high-performance cars. There are numerous quality choices available as well, from prominent companies like Brembo, KSport, Rolloface, Baer, and many more.

These rotors can feature either a sequence of holes (drilled) or slots (slotted) which have many functions. These design patterns offer an exit way for hot air and gasses produced at the surface between the brake pads and brake rotors. They also constantly cool down the pad surface, guaranteeing optimum, reliable gripping force between the pads and rotors. Also, these upgrades allow a clearing effect, which helps prevent water and other materials from getting stuck between the pads and rotors.

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