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Catback Exhaust Systems

What is a Cat-Back Exhaust System?

Catback exhaust systems refer to any part of the exhaust system that's set-up behind the catalytic converter. Typically, this includes the pipe connecting the pipe from the catalytic converter to the muffler, the muffler, and the tailpipe or exhaust tips. When used in the context of aftermarket parts or performance upgrades, "cat-back" indicates which section of the parts' exhaust system was replaced. Cat-back systems are available as both single- and dual-exhausts.

Cat-back exhaust systems generally use larger diameter pipes than the stock system. If the system is engineered more for show than functionality, it may be tuned to enhance the lower sounds lacking from high RPM, low-displacement engines. Cat-back exhaust systems will include pipes that run from the catalytic converter to the muffler, the muffler itself, any pipes that may run from the muffler to the exhaust tips, and the exhaust tips themselves. However, some cat-back exhaust systems have a muffler delete, which means no muffler is included.

How Does a Cat-Back Exhaust System Work?

Headers are the first point of contact in which the exhaust gasses run. Typically, the OEM exhaust manifolds are made of heavy cast iron and do not have the highest design. The OEM headers can be exchanged for tubular headers with a larger diameter and a better design. When the exhaust pulse passes through the header, it creates a low-pressure area behind it. With a good design, this low-pressure area can help pull the exhaust pulses out of it. This is known as scavenging, and a well-designed header will greatly improve scavenging efficiency, leading to a much higher flow rate.

We've got the rest of the exhaust system past the headers. Depending on your engine's size and how much power you produce, the optimal pipe diameter will vary. The whole idea with a larger diameter increases the flow. With increased flow, the piston must do less to push the exhaust gasses out of the cylinder, which ultimately leads to more power.

How Much Power Will My Engine Gain With A Cat-back Exhaust System?

As an enthusiast, you probably know that aftermarket exhaust would add power to your car, or at least that's what the internet says. The idea is that your car gains power with a less restrictive exhaust. What confuses a lot of people is why a less restrictive exhaust system is gaining power. Things like thermal efficiency, scavenging, velocity, and total flow all matter, and they can separate a large exhaust from a bad one.

Adding an aftermarket cat-back exhaust can provide several benefits, the first of which is more horsepower. Aftermarket exhaust systems are designed to be freer flowing than your stock exhaust, usually incorporating larger diameter piping and higher-grade mandrel bent tubing for improved flow. These changes can result in a reduced level of backpressure at the exhaust manifold or headers, which means the engine can breathe a little easier and release more horsepower and torque.

Power gains usually depend highly on the design of your factory exhaust system and the catalytic converters' quality in front of it. If the stock catalytic converters are fairly restrictive, less power can be gained from a cat-back exhaust system. Suppose the stock catalytic converter can flow a large amount of exhaust gas without creating too much restriction. In that case, a cat-back exhaust system should offer a respectable increase in power.

Another advantage of installing cat-backs is an increase in fuel economy. This results from the engine not having to work as hard pushing exhaust gases through the piping. This reduces the load on the engine, causing higher efficiency and MPG. This increase in fuel economy typically occurs when traveling at freeway speeds but can sometimes be noticed when driving in the city. But as enthusiasts, the sound improvement is enough to make us go cat-back. Whether you want just a little more rumble or a full-on growl, there is a cat-back exhaust system out there that will satisfy your ears.

Some aftermarket cat-back exhaust systems, such as an exhaust system from Armytrix, features a valved muffler. With a valved muffler, you can choose to route exhaust gases through or around the mufflers, which means you can effectively make your car louder or quieter whenever you want! Buying from Vivid Racing is the best choice you can make. We back every part we sell with our guarantee of satisfaction. Hands-On Experience and Professionalism is what makes us the best.

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