Since its founding in 1904, Dana Incorporated has been revolutionizing the transportation sector. From the invention of the encased universal joint, which literally unchained the industry by eradicating the need for sprockets and chains, to the development of fully integrated propulsion systems for today's most complex electrified powertrains, Dana continues to be an innovator in power conveyance advancement.

Their products have contributed to the development of some of history's finest automobiles?from the Model T and World War II-era Jeeps to one of the first mass-produced battery-electric vehicles. Their products can be found in 18-wheel rigs, massive earth-moving machinery, and some of the world's quickest high-performance sports automobiles. Today, they are pleased to be one of just 52 firms to have appeared on the Fortune 500 every year since the list's inception in 1955 and to be one of the longest-standing corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


For over a century, the Spicer name has been associated with excellent drivetrain solutions. Genuine Dana Spicer products are built to the same specific standards as original equipment manufacturer parts. They provide a range of drivetrain systems and service components for light vehicles, commercial vehicles, off-highway vehicles, military, industrial, and performance vehicles. Dana Spicer has spent the last three decades developing key electrification expertise, resources, and technologies. Their power technologies division has spent years developing a diverse portfolio of award-winning batteries, power electronics, and motor cooling solutions. They service all mobility markets, which enables them to use electrification expertise earned in one sector in another.

Dana Spicer employs a team of highly motivated engineers who are dedicated to the integration of mechanical and electrical components for electrified applications, ensuring a steady supply of innovative ideas. Additionally, Dana Spicer has the capability to create batteries one cell at a time and program them to optimize energy capture and distribution based on the road ahead. Any necessary improvements can be made immediately without consulting third-party vendors.


Their product collection includes a variety of car accessories such as axles, charge air cooling, batteries, e-drive systems, inverters, transmissions, motors, fuel cell plates, driveshafts, gaskets, valve steam seals, available for different types of vehicles, including light, commercial, or off highway.


The Dana Spicer products included in Vivid Racing are axles, brake accessories, bushings, differential components, differential covers, driveshaft components, fasteners, fluids, sealants, gaskets, gearsets, interior accessories, leaf spring accessories, miscellaneous brake parts, miscellaneous suspension parts, power steering, shocks, and many more vehicle accessories.