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Drag DR-63 Wheels

Why Install Drag DR-63 Wheels?

Drag Wheels have been making high quality and affordable wheels that every car enthusiast would want to install on their rides. The DR-63 is a wheel that will be perfect for small sedans, hatchbacks, and sports cars. It is a one-piece cast wheel that sports a bold 5-spoke design.

Drag DR-63 wheels are designed to turn necks whether on the street or on the track. The sleek and simple style features clean lines and comes in a variety of beautiful finishes for all types of sedan, crossover, or minivan owners to fit their tastes.

Advantage of Going with Drag DR-63 Aftermarket Wheels

The reason for having to switch from stock to aftermarket wheels is primarily due to styling. An aftermarket wheel was made to be lightweight, and they see the primary use in motorsports. A lighter wheel reduces weight un-sprung, resulting in faster acceleration and considerably improved handling. And since the DR63 is cast as a single-piece alloy wheel, even at a size a tad bigger than stock, it would certainly be lighter.

That's going to get us to our next point: Size. Size is a factor, as well. A larger wheel provides room for much larger brake rotors or calipers, normally needed for a performance car. The offshoot of a larger diameter wheel is the use of low profile rubber which has less flex on the sidewall — another performance advantage when driving on the track. So, it's best to wisely pick the size. Fortunately, you'll have no lack of options as the Drag DR-63 is available in diameters of 17 and 18 inches.


  • Self-locking lips
  • 17 and 18-inch diameters
  • Matte Black and Gloss Silver Finishes
  • Flush center cap for a smoother look

Drag DR-63 is a sleek, clean 5-spoke design. It is built in a dual drill bolt design to fit a wide range of vehicles and is available in a Gloss Black or Silver finish with a high polished lip as well as a full-painted Matte Black finish. It includes a center snap-in cap with the Drag Wheels logo. The Drag DR-63 is made of superior aluminum alloy and is sure to stand out with any vehicle.

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