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Differentials - Performance Differentials

High-Performance Differentials/Limited Slip Differentials

The Differential plays an essential part in how the car turns as part of the front and rear axle assembly. The Differential is meant to drive a couple of wheels while requiring them to turn at varying speeds. This component offers a relative RPM between the left and the right wheels. If the inner tire spins 20 RPM less in turn than heading straight, then the outer tire spins 20 RPM more than going directly.

For instance, when your car is going around the turn, the exterior wheel must travel faster than the inner wheel. The Differential delivers the same amount of torque on both wheels. This helps the wheels respond to strength and provide traction to increase the wheel's resistance to spin fewer. The wheel with less resistance is spinning faster.

Some of the cars are not fitted with a differential. In this situation, both driving wheels are pressured to spin at the very same pace, generally on a standard axle driven by a simple chain-drive mechanism. Front-wheel drive cars are structured differently in that the differential and axle assembly is situated in the transmission axle assemblies or transaxles.

3 Common Types of Differential

Open Differential

Open Differential is the oldest and most widespread concept appropriate for specific vehicle manufacturers and models. It's the simplest, most accurate, and most commonly used form of Differential. The controlled pinion gear sits at the back of the driveshaft, is connected to the ring gear, which then transfers energy to both axles via another range of gears. The only weakness in its nature is that when one wheel starts to slip, all power is effectively sent to the wheel with the slightest traction, rendering it useless for rock climbing or high-speed racing.

Limited Slip Differential

Limited-Slip is identical to the Open Differential but uses an incorporated clutch system. This is the ideal system for high-performance vehicles such as drag racers and tow trucks. The clutch system holds the left and right sides of the axle together when the wheel loses traction.

Locked Differential

A locked or lock Differential is a variation seen on certain vehicles, especially off-road vehicles. It's an open differential with the capacity to be fixed or locked to make a fixed axle rather than an individual one. This can happen either electronically and also manually, depending on the vehicle's technology.

Signs of a Bad Differential

Tire Damage

If the left and right tires run at almost the same speed as you go to a corner, the inside tires may have more wear on them since they are expected to spin faster than they otherwise would be. This will trigger your tires to tear early.

You can also experience squeezing tires if your Differential is locked, which is the noise of your tires grinding and sliding in rapid succession. Depending on the rubber's compound and composition, this can act like a short screech or a chirp. There is sure to be some vibration to the pattern of the tone.

Cracking Noise

Cracking noise is among the most popular and visible signs of a low differential. This may be attributable to the fact that the differential components are not adequately oiled. Maybe the differentials are losing fluid, which causes them to wear unnecessarily. Whenever their components are not sufficiently lubricated, you're likely to hear grinding sounds coming from the ends of your car where the Differential is mounted.


If the fundamental joints of your Differentials get too stressed out, the driveshaft will begin to vibrate. You'll feel the vibrations, even more, when you step onto the gas pedal to speed up your car. The vibrations will only get worse if the Differential fluid leaks.

Difficulty in Handling

Differentials are what make it possible for your car to curve easily when you switch direction. A defective Differential is likely to confuse your vehicle's cornering capacity and make it feel unreliable. Whenever you encounter problems when you turn around or go around a corner, get your car to a mechanic as quickly as to lessen the risk of sacrificing your life.

Getting Your Differential Serviced

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