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Why Install Radar or Laser Detectors in your Car?

Even if you regularly try to drive within the speed limit, sometimes you lose track of how fast you’re going. Many of us speed on parts of the highway where there are few cars and we don’t pose a danger to anyone but ourselves. Unfortunately, even if you aren’t a danger to anyone, you can still end up with an expensive ticket thanks to police measuring your speed with a radar or laser gun.

With a radar and laser detector, there’s no need to overthink if there’s a cop lurking ahead. With one of these, you will know if a police officer is close so you can correct your speed accordingly. Of course, these systems aren’t fool-proof, but they can be the difference between maintaining a clean driving record or having a big ticket to pay.

What are Radar and Laser Detectors?

A radar and laser detector notifies you every time a cop tries to check your speed using a radar gun. This handy warning device allows you to slow down long before the police can confirm that you are speeding. Radar detectors work by scanning for radio frequencies in the Doppler range, which is the frequency radar guns use.

Law enforcement continues to explore ways to render this device ineffective. However, radar and laser detector technology continues to keep up with new systems police use. Unfortunately, laser detectors are becoming increasingly popular with law enforcement, which is much harder to detect than radar.

Benefits of Radar and Laser Detectors

Aside from making you a step ahead of police officers, there are other advantages that radar and laser detectors offer. A lot of people think that these radar detectors are illegal, but they are completely legal in most places (always check with local laws).

Unfortunately, radar jamming devices and gadgets that disrupt police technology aren’t legal in most places, which makes it much more difficult to stop laser detectors.

The primary advantage in having a radar detector is that it helps prevent you from getting speeding tickets. You will know in advance if a cop is trying to catch your speed with a radar gun. This information gives you that window of opportunity to reduce your speed and stay within the limit.

Even if you’re the only car on the road posing zero public danger, you can still get nailed with a big ticket. A ticket on your record can increase insurance costs and make it impossible to get any job that requires driving.

These devices use radio waves that can pass through any type of weather condition. This resilient functionality means that you’ll still be a step ahead of the police regardless of its raining or storming. No cop or weather can beat you as long as you have a fully functional radar detector.

Once a driver spots a police car parked on the side of the road, they tend to stomp on the brakes. This instinctive reaction can lead to accidents since drivers aren’t ready for the abrupt change in speed. With a radar and laser detector, you’re already aware of the incoming police presence long before you see it. This advance awareness stops you from making any impulsive action that may put or other drivers at risk.