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A convertible, cabriolet, or spyder/spider is a car that can be operated with or without a roof in place. The procedures for removing and retaining the roof differ between types. An open-air driving experience allows a convertible, with the option to provide a roof as necessary. Potential convertible pitfalls include decreased structural rigidity - requiring considerable innovation and adjustment to mitigate the effects of eliminating the roof of a car - and cargo space.

The SmartTOP is a module that comes as part of a Top Controller Convertible add-on package and can be assembled by anybody. It enables managers to control their top from a range using only the remote fob of the original key. A short series of key presses execute a complete top automatic process. No need to change the initial key remotes or all of the car's safety features.

The two small rear windows are automatically in the down position by factory design so long as the top convertible is open. Now, one of the SmartTOP apps helps to lift them. After raising the top for improved wind safety when driving at a greater velocity, the car owner will determine if he needs all four windows to come up. It also enhances the top down on the overall appearance of raising all windows that bring more polished and full appearance to the Ferrari.

With these features, maybe you are thinking about how you can control your top from a distance or control the windows of your car using just a controller. The perfect match for you is these SmartTOP Remote Controllers.

SmartTOP Programmable Remote Key Controllers and Remote Rooftop Controllers

  • Individually Programmable
    Configure all functions of the module to meet your personal preferences via our signature blinker setup menu.
  • Remote Window Control
    Open and close the windows and the sunroof separately by remote without activating the top.
  • USB Port for Software Updates
    This module can be updated using any Windows PC/Laptop with an Internet connection.
  • Passive / Invisible Mode
    Turn the whole module off with an easy key sequence. Ideal when letting someone else drive your car.
  • Folding Mirrors
    On models equipped with motorized mirrors, fold them in and out by remote.
  • Reversible Plug-In Installation
    Remove any time allowing sale or return of a leased vehicle in its original condition.
  • Automatic Door Unlocking
    Automatically unlock the doors when turning the ignition off. No more pulling the door handle twice.

Potential SmartTOP Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of automotive components based in the province of Samutprakarn, East Bangkok, Thailand. The firm is in the Potential Group, which includes another biggest manufacturer in distributing many popular car sound & screens film brands such as, Potential Enterprise Co., Ltd., which has been operating in Thailand since 1994 and has over 350+ local dealers.

In the past, Potential SmartTOP is founded by a group of professional automobile experts as an advertising and production company, then they agreed to set up a factory in 3,000 sq.m. since October 2012 to produce SmartTOP goods under the name, to satisfy higher demand and provide our own control power in performance and price.

High-quality Performance and Groundbreaking Technologies are SmartTOP core principles. They pay the utmost attention to incorporating these two main principles into SmartTOP's architecture, product structure, manufacturing cycle, manufactured goods, and quality control of production.

SmartTOP comfort controllers and SmartTOP roof controllers can be installed easily by anyone. Just read the SmartTOP detailed installation manual and you will be up and rolling in no time. Installing a SmartTOP Controller requires no electronic skills or wire cutting involved.

SmartTOP comfort controllers are designed and available for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, and Volkswagen.

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