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Cars have 2 belt pulley styles, the idler and tensioner. Most cars only have one of each kind, but others have more than one idler pulley. The idler and tensioner pulleys look the same and even operate the same way. We avoid the often-annoying vibration of the engine drive belt that usually happens when the drive belt mechanism becomes too slack. The distinction between the two is that the idler pulley is mounted on a fixed frame while an adjustable unit fits the tensioner pulley.

Specifically, the idler pulley provides a smoothly and efficiently rotating point for the car's engine belt drive to move and loop around, preventing unnecessary slack. This also helps increase the tension on the belt, allowing the engine to deliver power to the different accessories in a more efficient manner.

The idler pulley also functions in the prevention of flat belt drive slippage. As the name implies, a flat belt has a relatively flat surface or the belt's entire length. The pulley prevents this belt from ever slipping out of its position. The idler pulley may have a smooth outer wall, but the edges typically have retainers, while some may have a middle groove to keep the drive belt in place.

Specifically, the idler pulley provides a smoothly and efficiently rotating point for the car's engine belt drive to move and loop around, preventing unnecessary slack. This also helps increase the tension on the belt, allowing the engine to deliver power to the different accessories in a more efficient manner.

Why is Aftermarket One's Better?

  • They are used to take up the slack, change the direction of transmission, or provide clutching action.
  • An aftermarket pulley is a roller that does not produce any mechanical advantage nor transmit power to a shaft.
  • They are ideal hoisting equipment. Aftermarket ones can be used to improve belt drive performance.
  • They can also reduce more belt vibration by supporting a belt segment prone to vibration/oscillation. Most of them are used in car engines for more positive clutching action by running the idler pulley on the slack side of the flat-belt drive from the engine to the transmission.

More Horsepower By Pulleys

By weight reduction and adjusting their size, you will achieve horsepower. We sell aluminum engine pulleys that are much lightweight without decreased capacity than the original equipment. Our pulleys are straightforward replacements and do not involve assembly alterations. Its lightweight not only raises the horsepower but also enhances the reaction from throttle by reduced rotational mass.

The device is driven under by reducing the diameter of the crankshaft pulley or by a diameter rise of the driven attachment pulley, slowing its rotating speed and reducing its power supply. Nevertheless, the pulleys have to be measured carefully so that your devices are all operating properly. Everyone needs more horsepower, but not with harmful side effects, such as a power reduction steering aid, a non-charge-battery alternator, or an overheated motor. Our engine pulley kits have been thoroughly tested to provide optimum performance without loss of accessory.

We Have The Perfect Engine Pulleys For You!

The use of underdrive pulleys to minimize accessories' movement is a simple and cost-efficient way to achieve up to 15 horsepower! Per package is designed to ensure a simple installation for the specific procedure. Most equipment is designed to use the current serpentine belt, but where various lengths are needed, a belt is given. Crafted of high-quality aluminum alloy, others with elegant chrome or anodized finish, the lightest and underlying pulleys are made, but if not for an improvement to horsepower, you would like them only for a modernization of the engine look.

A single serpentine belt usually powers modern automotive accessories. Still, old cars use many V-belts, as the centrifugal force also allows them to spring during high RPM transitions when properly tightened. So now, a major groove pulley is the solution to this dilemma, so you don't have to waste much time and money hunting for an original item that should have been retired long ago. With drastic RPM adjustments, we will provide you with an engine pulley that features deep, accurately machined grooves for safe belt retention.

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