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Stud Kits

High-Performance Stud Kits

In way too many instances, the engine manufacturer insists on choosing the necessary components for engine construction, volume and flow intake and exhaust, surface finish, the right displacement, and precision alignment. Threaded fasteners are frequently taken for granted, a crucial connection that guarantees altogether.

As power increases, you must increase the engine's pressure, which keeps the engine together. This can be frustrating since many raw items can be made up, and different thicknesses are stronger.

The Engine's Main Stud

In situations where the option is open, manufacturers choose studs to be used as soon as possible rather than main cap bolts for a strong or heavy-duty application. Studies offer the potential to produce much higher torque values, so the bolts twist, not like bolts during tightening. As the grips stay standing during tightening of the nozzle, the grips extend in an axis independently, offering even more even and precise tightening powers.

Furthermore, since the use of stud contributes to fewer threads on the block, this increases the life of the threaded holes in the block for servicing and reconstruction times. In working with alloy blocks, this is particularly relevant. The use of studs also enables the main cap mounting and assists with the main cat positioning. There is a smaller probability of main cap walking since the studs are stationary.

Cylinder Head Studs

Again, as with the key studs, studs' use in contrast with bolts is often favored. Depending on the requirements, though, this can change. When the road motor application or where the heads are difficult or hard to detach with the engine in place, the studs may not be the right option from the cylinder head operation's point of view. For starters, where a master cylinder or another part does not detach or add a cylindrical head with the engine installed in the car, bolts are simpler to use. If the condition requires, however, the use of studs offers a higher assembly technically.

The use of head studs allows mounting cylinders clearly from the head alignment and gasket viewpoint. This is particularly useful in applications where the head is often removed.

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AMS Performance Main Stud Kit

Why not strengthen your engine with the best possible parts when the time comes to develop your engine? The Alpha Main Studs are 50 percent stronger than the factory clamp loads. These studs are made from quality H11 alloy steel and provide incredible strength and fatigue to other brands. These studs remain in stock, so no adjustments are required to mount them. For someone who has spent an amount of time disassembling their car, the Alpha Main Stud Kit is a reasonable investment. Order your Alpha GT-R Main Stud Package now, do it right the first time!

ARP Main Stud Kits

In 1968, Gary Holzapfel created ARP (Automotive-Racing Products) in which he met his drag-racing friends who were succeeding because of low-quality fixes in bolt-induced motor failure. He used his experience in the aerospace sector to establish a solution that nevertheless became a profitable enterprise. ARP has developed and perfected a wide variety of nuts, bolts, studs, and other fasteners for headers, cylinder heads, motors, wheels, and transmissions since it was first created. Today the global pioneer in automotive fasteners happens to be ARP. Racing enthusiasts know and remember the ARP brand everywhere and can demonstrate their standard.

Lunati Studs

Lunati has been focused primarily on camshafts and camshaft kits for more than 50 years. They are also fitted with connectors, pistons, crankshafts, and valve train parts for circuit and drag purposes. Lunati has developed the best quality engine components with advanced technologies. Any product sold is carefully tested and evaluated to ensure that the final result is a better product to deal with challenging environments.

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