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Engine Timing Kits

The crankshaft drives the camshaft(s) on several Single Over Head Cam (SOHC) and Double Over Head Cam (DOHC) engines through a timing belt. The camshaft controls the valves, and for best engine efficiency, valve opening and closing should be properly timed with piston up and down movement. With the help of a tensioner and idler pulley, the timing belt drives the cam(s) and maintains the engine exactly timed.

Chains and gears were once the preferred camshaft drives. Still, as overhead cam engines became more common, engineers discovered that belts were easier to route, ran silently, didn't involve lubrication, were less expensive and were more dependable. Last but not least, better materials had extended belt replacement intervals from around 30,000 miles when initially introduced to 60,000 miles or more now.

Importance of Engine Timing Kits

Such gains in reliability should not lead to confidence. The replacement interval specified by the manufacturer can be located in your owner's manual, and You should not overlook this service. A timing belt can snap without warning, causing your engine to shut down. Worse, many engines are "interference" engines, which means the pistons will come into contact with the open valves, resulting in costly engine damage.

However, a belt does not have to be fully worn out to have an impact on engine performance. Damage to the belt or a worn tensioner might cause it to jump time, having a negative impact, or an engine that won't start at all.

Why is it important to check your engine timing belts, chain, teeth?

If possible, examine the belt for cracks, broken teeth, frayed or exposed reinforcement materials, and oil or coolant damage if access is probable. Regardless of mileage, any of these issues necessitates belt replacement; therefore, even if the belt appears to be in great condition at the specified replacement mileage, you should not reuse it.

Although it is customary to reuse camshaft pulleys and crankshaft, you should check these parts thoroughly for corrosion and embedded debris that could cause the new belt to slip.

When a new belt is replaced, however, you should always update components such as idler pulleys and automatic tensioners to guarantee appropriate engine efficiency. The timing belt on many engines drives the water pump. Although the belt may appear to be in good condition when maintained, its low cost relative to the expense of labor to reach it makes pump replacement with the belt the better option.

It would be a shame to have to start the job again if the original pump failed soon after. Our kits include everything you'll need, including the belt, tensioners, water pump, idler pulley(s), and seals and gaskets, all with a single item number.

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