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Enkei Performacne Series EDR9 Wheels

What makes the Enkei EDR9 Special?

In 1995 Honda-Mclaren’s Formula 1 car used magnesium wheels made by Enkei. That wheel came to be the RPF1 that is well revered by racers and enthusiast alike. To say the least, Enkei has been making high performance wheels since time immemorial. They only know how to make high quality wheels that won’t crumble when you suddenly decide to be fast and then decide to scrub speed abruptly shortly after. That strength, speed, and quality is transcended to the Enkei EDR9.

Enkei has sold trendy and sporting wheels from day one, which are still tough enough to deal with high-speed driving rigors. But not everyone that does not want to go racing or drive fast means they don’t want their car to look cool. Which is why they produce the Performance Line of high quality cast wheels. With the all-new Enkei EDR9, they brought this philosophy to heart. This new and powerful 9-spoke wheel is perfect for compact sedans or even small SUVs and crossovers.


  • Manufactured using Eneki’s Durville Casting Process
  • Includes Enkei-branded center cap
  • 9 Spoke Design
  • Sizes 15, 16, 17 & 18 Inch
  • Available in Matte Black & Silver
  • Spec-E Inspected

More than the classy 9-spoke design, the EDR9 also sports a stretched face that makes the wheel look larger than it is. The EDR9 will bring out the understated lines and creases in your car as they draw stares and attention to themselves with their slightly concave contour. It is a low pressure cast wheel that’s made using Enkei’s unique casting process.

The Durville Process

In the Durville process, molten aluminum alloy is poured into the mold from its inner rim side, with the disc side facing downward. The alloy is rapidly quenched and solidifies, starting at the disc side, creating a finer metallic structure, significantly enhancing tensile strength, yield strength and elongation.

To maintain high stiffness under great force, the EDR9’s cross sectional area in the direction against the force applied needs to be enlarged. Unfortunately, the larger this area is, the heavier the wheel will get.  However, if the layout, cross sectional shape of the spokes and the rim profile are designed properly, the wheel can maintain high stiffness without adding weight.

Enkei’s processing techniques ensure the strength of its wheels, and its excellent design capability ensures stiffness and lightness. Enkei’s design capability is the most-treasured asset and essential for developing the highest performance wheels.

Spec-E Inspected

Speaking of strength, Enkei, long ago, established their own test standard called “Spec-E.” It is tougher than the already lofty JWL requirement. Enkei’s Spec-E test setting requires a higher drop point in the impact test and 20% more cycles for the rotary bending fatigue and dynamic radial fatigue tests than JWL standards.

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