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Replacement Body Kit Fenders

Why Upgrade Your Fenders?

Rather obviously, your car/truck fenders are a simple part of the body of your car. Fenders are designed to cover your wheels and suspension components and they protect the rest of the body from getting hit by road debris.

Functionally, fenders are a pretty important part of your vehicle's body, but they don't have much performance value. The benefit of aftermarket fenders is the ability to increase the width of your front tires/wheels with wider fenders, reduce weight with carbon fiber fenders, or improve brake cooling with vented fenders.

For many trucks and Jeeps, aftermarket fenders allow for much taller and wider off-road tires, which increased ground clearance and allows for a lot more off-road performance.

Unfortunately, tire blowouts can very easily destroy your fenders and require replacement. Rather than buying an expensive OEM fender, it's cheaper and easier to buy high-quality aftermarket fenders. Most aftermarket fenders are constructed from FRP, aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber.

Depending on the type of vehicle, carbon fiber fenders are a great way to reduce front end weight. This is especially useful for front-engine vehicles which are excessively weighted at the front. FRP and aluminum fenders are also quite a bit lighter than steel fenders.

For prerunner style trucks, aftermarket fenders are an absolute must. Many prerunners run much larger off-road tires and the increased suspension travel requires extra room in the fenders for the tire during up travel. Many prerunner fenders are constructed from fiberglass, but some are also available in carbon fiber or other constructions.

The right set of fenders completes your vehicle's exterior profile and road-ready looks. From high-line to Inserts, and more, there are plenty of styles you can choose from here at Vivid Racing. But regardless of your choice, you can assure a better-looking ride after installing one.

Fender flares are a popular accessory on pick-up trucks, which blocks mud and stones and helps to cover rust. Fender flares are often made of fiberglass or ABS plastic to ensure that it's lightweight and flexible. Some SUVs and trucks, however, do come with metal fender flares to provide even better durability and longevity.

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