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Flange Bolts

Flange Bolts

A flange bolt is not the same as a regular bolt. It has a large surface area beneath the head, unlike other bolts, which allows for smooth distribution of securing pressure. This large space serves as a washer, obviating the need for a second spare when using such bolts. Flange bolts are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and strengths in our store. These bolts, like other rivets on the market, are ready to undergo various applications requiring them. Our flange bolts are made to bite or dig into any hardened material that needs to be fastened. These look a lot like the locking rings you might find on a milk jug or a soda bottle.

Mechanics can turn the ???teeth' on these rivets backward, but it will take more force. This is what distinguishes a flange bolt from a standard bolt both aesthetically and tactically. Flange nuts, a vital inclusion to our flange bolts, have been added to make things even easier. While these nuts appear ordinary, one side of the flange nut is broader than the other to receive adequate pressure distribution. Because both of these metal pieces work together, there is no need to buy separate washers, saving money.

Where can we find Hex Flange Bolts?

Bolts with a hex flange are commonly used in automotive and construction applications. The flange right beneath the hexagon-shaped head is intended to distribute the load and safeguard the exterior beneath it, obviating the need for a washer. Hex flange bolts are flat-surfaced one-piece head bolts. The flange bolts do not require a washer because the area under their heads is large enough.

Standard hex head bolts with a built-in washer and externally threaded bodies are known as hex flange bolts. Flange bolts are available with either a plain or serrated flange. Hex flange bolts are also known as flange bolts, frame bolts, and hexagon flange bolts. With fixed pitch (UN), unified national coarse pitch (UNC), fine pitch (UNF), and isometric thread profiles, hex flange bolt dimensions are described in both metric and imperial sizes. These are available in a variety of materials and ASTM specifications. In the automotive industry, hexagon flange bolts are frequently used, particularly in trucks and heavy vehicle frames.

Many different names know hex bolts, but they all have a hexagonal head engineered to be pushed by a wrench. Bolts and screws are the terms used to describe them all. Because of the threading, they are one-of-a-kind. These bolts have a shoulder beneath the head and are partially threaded. Up to the hexagonal head, tap bolts are completely threaded. The design of a hex bolt's head is its distinguishing feature, and it is from this that they get their name. The bolt's "flange" is a built-in (integral) washer. This washer is serrated to function as a lock washer in Imperial measurements.

Where to find Flange Bolts?

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