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Aftermarket Front Bumpers

Why Should I Ever Need Aftermarket Bumpers?

Front bumpers are made to protect the important parts of your car like the radiator, intake, the engine, and your headlights. But factory bumpers are in place for two things: 1) to slightly protect you and your car, and 2) to look boring.

Fortunately, aftermarket bumpers are abundant in the aftermarket and you have a lot of styles to choose from. Some aftermarket bumpers add to your car’s performance, but most of them are for that much-added curb appeal. 

Aside from aesthetics, aftermarket bumpers are also engineered to take more substantial impacts compared to those that came from the factory. You’ll never know when you run into a fence or when a deer suddenly pops out on the road out of nowhere. And when you hit those, it can put a great deal of damage on your front bumpers.

Steel Bumpers

So, your truck is all ready for serious off-roading. You’ve got the lift kit installed, big wheels, aggressive rubber, and … a stock front bumper?

The standard factory bumper just can’t handle Mother Nature. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what you drive or what you want to do off-road, Vivid Racing has the rugged heavy-duty steel bumpers you need to conquer the roughest terrain and transform your truck from errand-runner to off-road warrior. 

One of the greatest benefits of an off-road bumper compared with a stock bumper is the ability to mount accessories. It will only be a matter of when, not if, you’ll need to pull or be pulled when off-roading, and most of our bumpers have strong mounts for D-ring shackles to attach cables, straps, or snatch blocks to pull you out if you ever get stuck between a rock and a hard place. You can never have too much illumination out on the trail when it gets dark, and many of our bumpers allow multiple lights to be mounted on or in the bumper.

If you are a serious off-roader, Addictive Desert Designs has bumpers where you can install all kinds of ancillaries like lights, radius bars, straight bars, and a winch which can pull you out of a bad situation.

Vivid Racing carries durable steel bumpers from Fab Fours that can withstand forceful impacts. For example: a raging bull. 

Sport Bumpers | Replacement "better than stock" Bumpers 

It is inevitable that drift cars destroy their bumpers. There is no argument on this. Which is why FRP bumpers were made. They are more flexible than stock front bumpers. FRP bumpers are also stronger which makes bumping into other cars not destroy the bumper. Not to mention, since swapping out your stock bumper, it will ultimately look better.

You can choose from different innovative designs, high-quality materials, and famous brands like ICI Innovative Creations that can perfectly suit your needs and taste. They provide trucks and jeeps a more rugged look and cars a more sleek appeal. With the majority available in a powder-coated finish. And with a virtually limitless selection of colors and styles available, the possibilities are endless!

If your new front bumpers make you still long for a more aggressive look for your car, why not add a lip spoiler?

Lip spoilers provide a level of protection to your car’s front bumper against scrapes, speed bumps, or obnoxiously high curbs. We have chin spoilers that employ lightweight but durable materials for the ultimate blend of style, performance, and safety.

A lot of enthusiasts install front bumper lip spoilers purely for aesthetics; providing their ride with that distinctive, lowered look. These components don’t just decrease airflow and protect the front bumper against potential damages. They can enhance your car’s entire curb appeal by effectively making it look lower than it is!

What You Need to Remember When Choosing a Bumper

When choosing a front bumper, go with durability and quality. Looks only come second to safety. Polyurethane is a quality material in the world of front bumpers as opposed to the more popular fiberglass option. Fiberglass has a higher tendency of cracking, chipping, and shattering.

You should also remember that your front air dam retains its purpose when swapping out your front bumper. Running an intercooler or perhaps a larger radiator? Your bumper skin must provide an oversized opening to give these components all the air they need to run smoothly.

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