What Makes the Volk Racing G25 Wheels Special?

Volk Racing is one of the most popular aftermarket wheel manufacturers on the planet, however, the majority of their wheels use relatively simple designs. For enthusiasts and racers who want more sophisticated and high-end designs, Volk Racing introduced the G25. The G25 features a split five-spoke design which very slim spokes. The thin spokes are only possible thanks to Rays Engineering’s advanced design and construction methods.

The G25 was specifically designed for use on a wide variety of different vehicles. The face of the wheel is available in four variants, each with different levels of concavity. Thanks to the incredibly thin spokes, the G25 is very lightweight compared to most split five-spoke wheels, while also being incredibly strong thanks to Rays Engineering’s unique forging process. Overall, the G25 is a great wheel for any application, however, very heavy cars are better suited for the G25 Edge.


  • 10-Spoke Design
  • Forged single piece construction
  • 19” and 20" sizes
  • JWL+2 Spec 2
  • Optional Center Cap

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