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Gauge Pods, Mounts, and Bezels | Should I Install Them?

Gauge Pod is looking for a place to call home. Vivid Racing provides greater fit and versatile mounting options that meet any construction and budget. If you're looking for a pillar gauge pod or another type of mounting system for your gauges, Vivid Racing can assist.

Browse our selection of single, dual, and triple gauge pod options to find the right fit for your car. Installing Add-On Gauges in a Performance Vehicle or Truck If you have a performance car or truck, you may want to consider installing add-on gauges to increase utility and aesthetics.

These gauges come with a gauge pod that you can easily install in your automobile. Vivid Racing offers a variety of pillar gauges and gauge housing options manufactured from high-quality components to avoid cracking, fading, or injury.

Are you ready to make a wonderful upgrade to your home's interior? With such a large selection of high-quality parts, we make it simple for you to build the bike of your dreams. Whether you choose a single, dual, or triple pod, we're confident you'll discover the ideal solution to suit your needs.

Monitor Your Ca's Performance With Gauges

The dashboard gauges are responsible for keeping track of every aspect of your vehicle's performance. Aside from controlling your vehicle's vitals, they are also a significant part of your interior. When replacing your factory gauges or customizing your control panel, you need to ensure that all the elements on your dashboard are not only adequately secured but also stylish.

Giving your vehicle that extra custom look you've always wanted. Here, on our website, we offer an outstanding collection of prime gauge mounts, lenses, lenses, needles, and many other related products that will help you secure your gauges and add a touch of bling to your dashboard.

One of the best manufacturers of custom gauge mounts is Auto Meter. The company manufactures tools for displaying everything that it can measure on a vehicle, including specialized gauges, shift lights, and warning lights for all racing types, where they are the dominant brand.

Founded in 1957 by the pioneer of electronic instrumentation Vern Westberg, the company is now a Harbor Group division. In addition to manufacturing performance and racing instrumentation and electronics for the automotive aftermarket, Auto Meter also has an OEM division that manufactures instrumentation for production vehicles.

Pillar Pods

A-Pillar Gauge Pods are designed to fit virtually any make and model. The pods can be cut, molded, and trimmed to match any vehicle's existing pillar with this universal fitment feature. Single, Dual, and Triple Pillar Pods are available and can easily mount to your vehicle's existing A-frame. These gauge pods are ideal for safely holding your gauges, allowing you to access and view readings from them quickly.

Dash Pods

These uniquely designed and cutting-edge pods are ideal for housing your Boost/Vacuum, Fuel Pressure, and other gauges and can be easily installed on your car or truck's dashboard

High-Quality Gauge Pods

Auto Gauge Mounting Pods are a wonderful method of keeping your dash appearing clean and as though your auto gauges were fitted from the factory. We have a-pillar mounted gauge pods that are ideal for smaller add-on gauges seen on performance automobiles and trucks. We also provide Universal Gauge Mounting Pods to meet your specific requirements.

  • Universal Auto Gauge Mounting Pods for the aesthetic and feel YOU desire!
  • Small Mounting Footprint
  • Adjustable After Mounting
  • Made from High Strength ABS Plastic
  • Hides Wires and Mounting Hardware

The dashboard gauges are in charge of monitoring all aspects of your vehicle's functioning. However, in addition to controlling your vehicle's vitals, they are also an important part of your interior, which is why, when replacing your stock gauges or modifying your control panel, you must ensure that all components on your dashboard are not only securely fastened, but also stylish, offering your vehicle that additional custom look you've been looking for.

We have a great selection of prime lenses, bezels, gauge mounts, needles, and other related accessories on our store that can help you secure your gauges and add a little glitter to your dashboard.

Find High-Quality Gauge Mounts Only at Vivid Racing

From fitment help from our in-house experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your Gauge Mounts every step of the way. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in a set of Gauge Mounts or accessories and upgrades. In return, we'll deliver service and product that is second to none.

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The company always provides quality Gauge Mounts for applications where you need speed and good looks.

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