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What You Need to Know About Aftermarket Multi Gauges?

TRACKING the vitalities of your vehicle ranges from comfortable to necessary but gauges are the most realistic tools for the job. Most older vehicles have few gauges and are either inoperative or imprecise. The simplest solution to get a better idea of what's happening is to fit a set of aftermarket or accessory gauges

The quicker you go, the more necessary it is to track the instruments. Yet, the faster you go, the more concentrations you need on the road or trail. The size and details a larger dial provides is quicker to learn.

This also helps to position this upwards and closer to your line of sight. There is limited space in the instrument panel, so only the most essential gauges, such as tachometers and speed meters, can be large - most have a diameter of 5 inches. If a five-inch tachometer or speedometer has an inadequate room then 33/8 in models are available. The other that gage scale is 21/16 in, most generally used for gauges other than tachometers or speedometers.

Gauges You Can See Inside Your Typical Auto


One of the most common and basic gauges includes the speedometers which help measure the vehicle speed. This auto gauge is critical to track the exact vehicle speed. It helps vehicles keep their speed restricted while traveling.

Oil Pressure

The oil pressure meter which detects the oil pressure in the engine is another essential auto gauge. High oil pressure is completely important to a motor's smooth operation. This is a type of lubrication and should be held at high rates to preserve the engine's existence.


The engine's work is well reflected on the tachometer, or in other words, it calculates the engine's Revolutions per Minute (RPM). If the tachometer is higher RPM, this means that the fuel mileage is comparatively lower, which is counterproductive to the engine.

Fuel Gauge

An auto gauge measuring the fuel level in the vehicle is rightly called a fuel gauge. When the fuel level is high, it displays the "F" sign and the "E" sign when the fuel level is low. This gauge is one of the most important gauges in any car.


Another gauge mostly used by diesel-fuelled engines. It helps monitor the present temperature in the exhaust gas.

Voltage Meters

Measuring the voltage of the automotive batteries is crucial. This auto gauge helps detect the voltage the batteries are emitting.

Coolant Temperature

This specific auto gauge helps detect the coolant functions which regulate the automotive engine temperature. Depending on the environmental factors the engine temperature can vary. The refrigerants help to prevent engine freezing and overheating.

Transmission Gauges

Another variety of gauges include the transmission temperature gauges which help to detect the temperatures of the transmission fluid.

Vacuum Gauges

Automotive gauges also have vacuum gauges that help to calculate the engine's suction power.

Vacuum Gauges

Automotive gauges also have vacuum gauges that help to calculate the engine's suction power.

Mechanical gauges, on the other hand, mean running fluid or pressure lines into the cabin, which is risky if they get ruptured. This is particularly true for mechanical fuel pressure gauges, which is one reason why gauge clusters are always placed on the cap ??? where they often benefit from being closer to the visual line of the driver.

Special Features of Vivid Racing's Aftermarket Multi Gauges

  • Direct sunlight readable (1000cd/m2 brightness and anti-glare filter)
  • Layout files interchangeable between all CD Carbon Dashes
  • Wiring interface/harnesses are identical between all CD Carbon Dashes
  • Rugged, lightweight flow-molded carbon fiber composite enclosure
  • Unique On-Change page can be used to identify map switching for boost, traction, lap times, etc.
  • Plug & Play Adapter Cables available for Holley, Link, MSD Atomic and Vi-Pec ECUs


  • Pictures used for marketing purposes only, actual product may vary

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