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Who is Goetze?

Goetze is a company that was founded in Burscheid, Germany back in 1887. It is known for supplying both original equipment parts and aftermarket pieces for the automotive industry. Today, Goetze has become part of Federal-Mogul and is the leading source of engine internal parts in the world.

Engine Parts Experts

The company specializes in producing engine components such as piston rings, cylinder head and valve cover gaskets, cylinder liners, camshafts seals, crankshaft seals and mechanical face seals. Their products are the favorite brand of enthusiasts and professional mechanics when it comes to rebuilding their engines.

Quality Products

The reason for Goetze’s popularity is due to their product’s high quality. All their parts are designed with the exact OEM specification, making it a proper fit for your engine. Each seal is designed to properly function and seal the way it should b,e making your engine perform the same way as it came out new in the factory.

The company uses the most advanced designing and manufacturing tools available in the market to create products with very tight tolerances. Their parts are required to perform at its best as these are located within the engine and are responsible for keeping all the oils and compression inside of it. 

Purchase Goetze Products At Vivid Racing

If you are in the process of rebuilding your engine and is in search of high-quality parts to do the job, then Goetze is the brand for you. They have proven themselves as a trustworthy company for more than a century which is already a feat on its own. To know more about Goetze, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific needs.