HANS Device

Who Is Hans?

Motorsport racing is a very dangerous sport. Back in the day, many race car drivers risk their lives just to step on top of the podium. Safety gears were not mandated or if there is one, it was not enough to keep many drivers safe. Eventually, things changed when a group of concerned enthusiasts searched for a way to make racing a safer environment. It was then that HANS was introduced.

How It Started

The Hans company started back in 1981 when Dr Robert Hubbard and Jim Downin decided they needed to make racing safer for all the drivers. Hubbard is a Biomechanical Engineer and a designer of crash test dummy heads for GM. On the other hand, Downing is a seasoned professional driver who won five IMSA Championship. In addition to that, he is also an Engineer. 

They realized the need for a safety restraint that supports the neck after their friend lost his life during a racing incident due to a Basilar Skull Fracture.

Years to Perfect 

From conception to actual market release, it took them ten years before they were satisfied to release the first Hans product in the market. Several prototypes were initially tested and adjusted before they could finally find a design that is safe and effective. As they say, good things do not happen overnight.

Even up to this day, the profits from their sale are injected back to the research and design of Hans products. Race cars are getting faster year after year, and it is necessary that safety equipment must adapt to these changes.  

Saving Lives 

All Hans safety equipment minimizes the risk of severe injuries during a crash. Since its introduction, it has saved numerous racing drivers’ lives and prevented any fatality in major sporting events. 

With over 30 years of product research and development, a total of 150,000 units have been sold to race car drivers worldwide. International motorsport events such as Indy, Formula One, and Nascar Racing all require their drivers to use The Hans. 

Today, the majority of the motorsport industry has recognized the need for their products and has been included as part of the driver’s required gear.

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Safety should be everyone’s number one priority. Hans has already proven itself that it can save lives and should be considered as the priority investment of any race car driver. Check out their product lineup,  including their bestseller "The Hans Device." To know more about HANS and what they can offer, visit Vivid Racing and choose the right product for your need.