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Performance Ignition Coil Packs and Distributors

You must power your engine by spinning the ignition switch clockwise using a key until you can take and drive your car out on the highway. To allow an electrical current to enter the engine, the car is fitted with an ignition coil. This part of the transformer transforms low voltage energy from the battery to ignite the fuel in the combustion chambers and trigger the spark plug.

What is an Ignition Coil Pack and How Does It Work?

As long as there are combustion engines, you'll also see ignition coils in auto parts stores. Simple car ignition coil includes a coil, iron core, and terminals, working together to obtain, transform, and transfer electrical current from the battery to the spark plug.

The battery pack is only capable of producing 12 volts, but the engine requires more as well. This is where the ignition coils are put into the case. You'll find the primary and secondary coil inside the ignition coil. The primary coil creates a magnetic field when the low voltage current hits it. This magnetic field falls with a contact breaker to cause a high voltage signal in the secondary winding sufficient to hit the spark plug. It may seem too easy, but the actual mechanism that is going on inside is much more complicated than how it looks.

If you'd like a new ignition coil, we provide coils and related parts for all forms of ignition systems, including DIS (Distributorless Ignition Systems), CNP (Coil Near Plug), and COP (Coil On Plug) systems.

Signs of a Bad Ignition Coil Pack

  • An unexpected louder-than-usual engine
  • An uncommon idle
  • Absence of power
  • A sudden drop in RPMs while speeding for no exact reason
  • Blinking engine light
  • Smoke from the exhaust releasing periodically

What is Ignition Distributor and How Does It Work?

A conventional distributor comprises a shaft that spins on bushings within a cast iron or aluminum housing. The distributor shaft also operates an oil pump on a variety of engines. There is a gear connected to the bottom of the shaft that is managed by the camshaft. The distributor rotor is placed on the top of the shaft and is sealed within the distributor cap and the distributor plate, and the trigger and forward mechanisms.

The distributor cap is fixed to the top of the distributor assembly with snaps or screws and is usually made of elastic or phenolic. It includes a terminal in the middle that links the rotor to the ignition coil and connectors at the cap perimeter for each cylinder. Most of the distributor caps have a central terminal related to an outer coil with a large electrical connection. Still, on a few distributors, the coil is on some distributors attached directly to the cap. The rotor delivers the ignition coil voltage on the cap to the separate cylinder towers as the distributor shaft spins. In each cylinder, the spark plug wires connected to the distributor cap cylinder towers transmit the spark plug's voltage.

Whether you're looking for a performance ignition system and replacement distributors, we've got the ignition coils and associated systems required to restore performance, longevity, and fuel efficiency. We sell ignition coils and parts assembled to the OE specifications, so when repairs are done, you can rely on the quality that your vehicle has been built to provide.

With a wide variety of distributor ignition system coils, direct ignition coils, DIS coil packs, and COP coils, and CNP ignition coils, we also sell essential elements that you might need to make an efficient and suitable fix like coil boots, coil bolts, coil connectors, coil covers, ballast resistors, and coil caps, coil mounting brackets, coil housings, and mounting gaskets.

In addition to a wide range of complete distributor accessories, we also sell all the distributor-related components required for tuning and repair, including ignition pick-ups and sensors, reluctors, vacuum-advance canisters, contact sets, condensers, distributor caps and rotors, and much more.

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