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Who Is Kreissieg?

Made in Japan, Kreissieg exhaust systems are the premier choice for a wide range of vehicles and applications, especially exotic cars. With several decades of experience with exotics, Kreissieg engineers have invested a significant amount of time and effort to produce amazing exhaust systems. The countless hours of design, development, testing, and manufacturing put into each product really shows. Kreissieg exhaust systems boast a very complicated construction that was specifically designed to accomplish the best exhaust sound and quality. 

When seeking the ultimate performance and sound from a luxury or exotic vehicle, Kreissieg is the top choice, and for good reason. Kreissieg takes pride in producing the world’s most advanced and powerful sounding exhaust systems that deliver performance and sound on demand. The company uses only the most advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques to achieve top-quality exhaust products available for exotics all around the world. Kreissieg combines extensive research and development capabilities with high-technology manufacturing processes to design and create the ultimate in exotic exhaust systems. 

Kreissieg Exhaust Systems

Kreissieg is the originator of the valvetronic dual-tone exhaust system. Not only do the valves control the loudness, but the system also features a special muffler construction to produce a unique exhaust tone. This is how Kreissieg can achieve its high-pitch exhaust sound that no one else can imitate. Kreissieg stainless steel exhaust systems are offered with either titanium or stainless-steel tips.

Customers can choose two different sound levels when ordering an exhaust system. Level 1 is a stock sound level. Level 2 is a sportier sound level. Level 3 is a high-pitched tone and loud F1 sports muffler sound. Level 4 is a high-pitched tone and very loud F1 sports muffler sound. Level 5 is a high-pitched tone and very loud, real F1 sound. The standard settings are Level 2 for silent mode and Level 4 for F1 mode. Since Kreissieg exhaust systems are custom built and handmade to order specifically to a customer’s request, it can take 14 to 20 days to build after purchase. All systems are imported via airfreight from Japan.

Upgrade to a Kreissieg Exhaust Today

Don’t let your stock exhaust system slow you down; let Kreissieg unleash the true power of your vehicle and let all of its horsepower loose. Vivid Racing carries a comprehensive lineup of Kreissieg performance products and accessories, including catbacks, catalytic converters, headers, mid-pipes, Y-pipes, exhaust tips, and mufflers. If you have any questions about the parts above or have fitment concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.  We look forward to equipping your ride with a head-turning exhaust system that will impress at your next car event or track day.