Who Is Larini Systems?

Many people see European sports cars as the pinnacle of automotive design and technology. The manufacturers from Europe produce some of the best high-performance cars globally and have set standards on how cars are designed and made. But it has not stopped aftermarket companies from further improving what is already considered the best.

Building aftermarket products for these cars is no easy feat as it requires a special kind of attention. Larini System is one of the few companies that successfully deliver such products making them widely recognized in the community. In fact, they have become the go-to brand of enthusiasts worldwide.

Creating Parts For The World’s Best

Larini Systems is the world’s leading designer of the finest, high-performance engine component systems for Italian, British, AudiSport Track, and GT Supercars. Combining aerospace engineering, aviation-grade materials, and sensational sound allows Larini to optimize the weight, tone, efficiency, and overall performance of a supercar.

Whether a Bugatti, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or Ferrari, there is an associated Larini System available to offer optimal performance paired with incredibly tuned harmonics. There are also Formula 1-derived race systems for hypercars like the Ferrari F50.

Track-Ready Products

Thanks to innovation and technological advancements, each Larini system is light, efficient, and powerful – whether on the road or the street. The systems are designed to a peerless standard in the United Kingdom, the home of International Motorsport. You can rest assured that each Larini component is readied to meet and surpass all standards and expectations.  

The Larini Difference

The Larini difference is one you can see, feel, and hear; it appeals to all of your senses. Larini prides itself on its attention to detail and design in every engine component it produces.

Each Larini system is hand-built in modern production facilities by specially skilled craftsmen utilizing only the finest materials available. It is constructed in a dedicated fixed jig between T304 > T.316 stainless steel and is back-purged with Argon gas and TIG-welded to fabricate smooth, solid, and uncontaminated welds.

All of the laser-cut stainless steel mounting brackets, flanges, and fixings are added for their high strength and resilience. This process allows them to create one of the best products in the world worthy of being installed in such supercars.

Benefits Of Larini Systems

Larini exhaust systems are specially designed and manufactured to achieve maximum unobstructed gas flow and utilize motorsport or acoustic sound absorption materials. The result is a blissful balance dictated by the horsepower figures versus operating temperatures. The perforated stainless-steel tubes disrupt pressure waves by regulating backpressure levels. 

This process leads to minimum flow restriction and optimal engine power output. Larini exhaust systems are also intended to be easily installed onto catalytic converter equipment or directly to manifolds. It alleviates the headache of any unnecessary modifications since all Larini parts utilize a vehicle’s OEM hardware.

Upgrade To Larini With Vivid Racing

Larini is the natural choice for those seeking to optimize the performance, weight, acoustics, aesthetics, and longevity of their vehicle’s exhaust system. To know more about Larini Systems and what they can offer, visit Vivid Racing, as it carries a large inventory of Larini components from cats and test pipes to headers, mid-pipes, and mufflers. If you are unsure which parts are best for your vehicle application, call our sales team at (480) 966-3040.