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Who is Litens Automotive Group?

For more than 30 years, Litens Automotive Group has designed and produced transmission systems and components. This group has a great history of engineered solutions toward automotive power transmission trials, providing innovative solutions where other companies have become stagnant.

Litens Automotive breakthrough solutions provide customers and OEMs worldwide with products and systems that lead to significant real-world fuel efficiency and improvements in emissions while driving experience with natural vibration reductions. Innovative latest heavy-duty goods can enable significant improvements in FEAD system durability resulting in improved utilization time for commercial vehicles. Technology growth and launch geared towards today's worldwide technology needs. The global manufacturing base allows us in any location where clients are located to provide full-service support.

Why Choose Litens Automotive Group?

Litens is focused on delivering technologies that enable powertrains to run more efficiently, enhance fuel savings, and reduce CO2 output. Their environmental commitment begins with the initial product design and continues through the full manufacturing cycle, intending to minimize waste continuously in all fields.

Litens received the highest supplier recognition the Superior Award for Quality Performance by Toyota during its Annual Supplier Business Meeting (ABM). It brings together approximately 850 suppliers across North America. Litens met the highest quality, delivery, and value improvement for parts, materials, and transportation.

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