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What is Mevius?

Mevius is an aftermarket lug nut designed for most European vehicles. It was created by Wheelmate Performance, a company that has been in the business for more than three decades. 

It is considered as one with the highest quality lug nut in the market today. Being in the same umbrella of other top brands in the aftermarket industry has made Mevius a success and is recognized by European car enthusiasts.

Made with Quality

Mevius has been made with cold-forged hardened steel, making it durable and resistant to premature wear. The company aims to have a product designed and manufactured superior to its competitor. Using state-of-the-art technology, they were able to create lugnuts that can cope with the ever-changing wheel development.

Mevius is offered at different specifications that would fit most of the popular European vehicles. It is made with either a 60-degree taper cone seat or a 14R Ball seat with lengths varying from 27mm, 40mm to 50mm. It features options for multi-color choices like black, blue neon, and chrome neon. 

Safety First

Mevius lug nuts feature oversized and tapered seats that provide better wheel contact. This helps in securing the rim better, and it keeps the wheel secured in its location. Due to its thin wall construction and lightweight properties, it is the product of choice by most tuners and racers alike.

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Who would have thought that a small lug nut can do wonders in your car? Not only does it make your vehicle safer to drive, but also it provides additional aesthetic benefits as well. Visit Vivid Racing and check the list of products suited for your specific needs.